Quiz: Answer These Totally Random Questions and We'll Tell You Which Disney Princess You Are!
Answer These Totally Random Questions and We'll Tell You Which Disney Princess You Are!
By: Kennita Leon
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

By now, just about everyone whose household has a television has heard of the Disney princesses. These fictional female characters have little and not-so-little girls around fawning over them and with just about all kind of paraphernalia with their faces available, the princesses have made a killing for Disney, financially. But why do people love these young women so much? Well, because they're strong, smart, beautiful, kind, fearless, and funny. But which one of them are you? Is it Moana, Alice, Tiana, or Pocahontas? Or is it Merida, Aurora, Belle, or Snow White? 

We have a pretty fun way to determine which Disney princess you are, and that's by asking you a bunch of random questions. Oh, some of them will make you raise an eyebrow or two, while some will be downright silly, but we're asking you to trust the process here. What may seem like a joke of a question is specially formulated to find out which of these royal ladies you are. 

So, if you're as curious as we are to find out just which Disney princess you have the most in common with, go ahead and get started on this quiz. It'll be a doozy, but you'll enjoy it. We promise. 

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