Quiz: Answer These Tricky Questions and We'll Guess Your IQ
Answer These Tricky Questions and We'll Guess Your IQ
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

IQ is a peculiar measure of intelligence prized by some (presumably members of Mensa) and disregarded by others. Having a high IQ doesn't guarantee career success, relationship success, or school success. What it can mean, however, is that your ability to think on your feet will be valuable in the narrow areas that are your aptitudes.

IQ tests can measure a person's IQ a number of different ways. Some tests are mostly mechanical, giving participants physical puzzles to solve in an allotted time. These tests are usually reserved for children, the color blind, or other people unable to, for whatever reason, take the written test. Where the rubber meets the road is when IQ is put to work in the real world, solving problems on the job or in everyday life. Only there can true intelligence be measured because only then does any of it really matter.

So are you a genius, or a bozo? Can you match wits with Mensa, or are you intellectual chaff? You could go to an IQ testing center and spend hours on complicated and ultimately irrelevant questions all afternoon, or you could sit in the comfort of your home and in a few short minutes have the answer you've been looking for. Take this quiz and find out how high you'll score.

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