Answer These True/False Questions and We'll Guess What Your Job Is

Teresa McGlothlin

True or false: I always take my lunch to work with me.

Is it true or false that you think you are more intelligent than your co-workers?

True or false: I would really prefer to work from home.

True or false: I am late for work at least once per week.

True or false: It annoys me when my co-workers make microwave popcorn.

Would you say true or false to being described as easygoing at work?

True or false: My benefits package is one reason I stay at my job.

True or false: I look forward to the office holiday party every year.

Is it true or false that you have thought about dating your boss?

True or false: I would be angry if my co-workers ate all the donuts before I got there.

True or false: I am reconsidering my career path.

True or false: I would like to bring my pet to work with me every day.

True or false: My workplace is always neat and tidy.

True or false: I have never locked myself in the bathroom at work and cried.

True or false: I think that salary is more important than fulfillment.

Would you say it's true or false that you are exhausted after a workday?

True or false: My level of job satisfaction is at an all-time high.

True or false: I often think about going back to school to further my career.

True or false: I often consider my co-workers as family.

Is it true or false that you enjoy being responsible for other people's schedules?

True or false: I have a lot of patience for problem-solving.

True or false: My boss would say I'm the best employee on the team.

True or false: I am considering going into politics someday.

Is it true or false that you take more liberties when your boss is on vacation?

True or false: My co-workers always come to me for personal advice.

Does your current job make you feel like you are living up to your fullest potential?

True or false: I frequently take snacks for my co-workers.

True or false: I am aiming for early retirement.

True or false: I have never taken a mental health day.

True or false: My current job is the most stressful job I have ever had.

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About This Quiz

It may have been a while since you played a game of true or false, but you're never too old to look busy at your desk! Take a visit back to your last slumber party, and answer our questions or respond to our statements. Once you're done, we'll try to guess what sort of job you should be doing while you're taking our quiz! 

How could a party game tell us what you do for a living? Instead of a silly game of true or false, we have developed a job-assessment-style version that will keep you entertained while you give away your occupation. Throughout this quiz, you will find some questions, and you'll find a few sentences. Respond to each of our prompts with your true or false answer; then, we'll know what you do for a living. 

Whether you are filled with job satisfaction or you are in need of a career change, the answers you give us will lead us down the human resource path to your current job title. Reveal your truest job secrets and deny anything you can't rightfully claim, and we will take it from there. Then, you can move on along to more quizzes to fill the rest of your day! 

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