Answer These Very Serious Morality Questions and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status!

Alex Wittman

The night before your best friend's wedding, you learn their fiancé is cheating on them. Since there's no doubt about the immense shadiness going down, what do you do?

You're on your way into the bank when a robber runs out with a bag of money. If he gives you $1,000, will you point the police in the opposite direction?

Your boss just told you you're getting a promotion, but if you accept, your BFF gets fired. What do you do?

You and bae are on a ship that hits an iceberg, putting you two in the frigid water à la Jack and Rose. Since you can't both fit on the door, whaddaya do?

So, you're a doctor with three patients. All of them will die without treatment, but if the third dies, you can save the others with their organs. What do you do?

There's a car accident, and you seriously injured a passing pedestrian. When you get out of your car, the other driver thinks they're at fault. Do you own up to it?

You're at the beach with your spouse (whom you wanna divorce). Nearby, you see your first love (whom you still love). Later, both are swimming and get caught in a riptide. You can only save one. Who do you help?

You have a thing for your BFF's bf/gf but have never acted on your feelings. When they break up, they slide into your DMs. Are you open to starting something up with them?

You've got bad credit-card debt. You don't how you'll pay it off when some random person offers you the money. You just have to slap five strangers in the face. You game?

You're forced to choose between sending your beloved dog to the pound and never seeing it again or kicking a puppy. Which do you do?

An evil genius kidnapped you, and you're now trapped on his remote island. With no hope of rescue, he makes you choose from one of the following options to secure your release. What do you decide?

You and your baby are part of a group on the run from zombies. Everyone is hiding in complete silence. You look down and see your baby is about to cry. What do you do?

You and your partner want kids but haven't been successful. The stress is destroying your marriage. The doctor suggests an experimental but expensive treatment. Do you try it?

To cheer yourself up after a bad day, you go shopping. When you get home, you realize you wore a pricey coat out of the store and never paid for it. Do you keep it?

Your country is involved in a war you absolutely don't believe in. When you're called upon to serve, what do you do?

In the spirit of saving the environment, you decided to forgo your usual Uber and are, instead, walking. You see a wallet on the ground and find $100 inside. What's your move?

You didn't study for your big exam. If you fail this exam, you can kiss your scholarship goodbye. An hour before the test, you find the professor's answer key. What do you do?

You and your BFF plan a hiking trip in a very remote area. No cell service, my dude. Everything is going great until your friend breaks their leg. What's your move?

While on vacation, you stop in an adorable antique shop and purchase an old oil lamp. When you get it home, a genie pops out and offers you a wish. What do you choose?

When it comes to money, people will do some seriously cray things. Which of the following would you NOT do for a million dollars?

Your grandma gave you her engagement ring, but it's ugly AF. You need money and are considering pawning it, but your grandma will be heartbroken. What do you do?

You're at an amazing party. Everyone is having fun, but you're stuck talking to someone super boring. Ordinarily, you'd dip, but this person knows the CEO of the company where you just applied. Whaddya do?

It's the day of your wedding, but you've realized the person you're supposed to marry is not "the one." If you call it off, your BFF will never talk to you again. What do you do?

You're at the hospital when a terminally ill man calls out to you. He says his life insurance policy will expire at midnight and leave his family with nothing. He begs you to smother him. Do you help him?

All right, you and your sibling are trekking through the forest when they fall into a pit of quicksand. They're carrying the cure to cancer in their backpack, and you can only save one—sibling or backpack. Whaddya do?

You are part of a project to end world hunger, and the team discovers a solution. However, you'll be feeding people genetically modified produce, and there's no telling what the long-term effects will be. How do you proceed?

In the middle of the night, your BFF knocks on your door. They've committed a crime but won't tell you any details until you agree to help them cover it up. What's your move?

This one is pretty straight to the point. You're given the choice between saving either your parents or a random baby. What do you do?

While you're out running, you see one of your coworkers walking his dog. The dog bites you. Your coworker begs you not to tell, but the dog is clearly aggressive. What do you do?

A psycho murderer kidnapped you. He promises to let you go if you torture another one of his prisoners. If you don't, he'll offer the same deal to the other person. What's your move?

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About This Quiz

Imagine you've got your Air Pods in and your current fave bop is blasting while you're walking down the street. We'd obv be listening to Lizzo, but what matters is that you're with us so far. Got it? Okay, so you're strolling and NOT scrolling. Because your face isn't buried in your phone (for once), you notice a wallet laying on the ground. Whaaaaaat?!

You're shook, but you pick it up. When you open the wallet, you see there's $1,000 in there. Cold, hard cash. So, my dude, what's your next move?

This morality scenario is just the tip of the iceberg. We created a whole freaking quiz with serious-AF questions like these because we want to know how you'd handle yourself. Are you finna keep that money to spend on those Nikes you've been eyeing, or are you headed straight to the police to turn it in? Be straight and answer all our questions honestly for a special bonus. 

You know we wouldn't stress your moral compass for nothing: At the end of the quiz, we'll guess your relationship status. Are you up for it? Then let's get this party started. Whether you knew it or not, you've been studying for this morality quiz your whole life, and it's about to get lit.

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