Answer These “Would You Rather” Questions and We’ll Guess If You’re British or American

Zoe Samuel

Would you rather only ever go on formal dates to meet people, or only ever meet people through mutual friends at parties?

Would you rather be stuck at Disneyland or Legoland for a whole year?

Would you rather be able to speak Spanish fluently while only being conversational in English, or only ever speak English?

Would you rather only ever drive a little car very fast, or a great big car but never break 25 mph?

Would you rather your local representative embezzle millions of dollars (or pounds!), or get caught cheating on their spouse?

Would you rather get a terrible sunburn but then have a wonderful natural tan that magically lasts forever, or never get either?

Would you rather nobody have guns and knives, or everyone have them?

What would you rather have for breakfast every day for the rest of your life: beans or grits?

Would you rather live in a place that isn't a meritocracy and knows it, or a place that isn't one but likes to think it is?

Time for a treat! Would you rather only have drinking chocolate or only have hot cocoa?

Would you rather have four dogs or no dogs?

Would you rather all your blazers and suit jackets have the lining completely shredded, or get a little tear in the elbow?

Would you rather have to spend every weekend playing the beautiful game or the national pastime?

You're going out three nights a week - for the rest of your life! Would you rather go to a comedy show or a basketball game?

Which would you rather have enshrined in law: great internet access, or free burgers every week but the internet is patchy?

Would you rather spend the rest of your life living in a place where people pretend race doesn't exist, or where people pretend that class doesn't exist?

Would you rather inherit a whole wardrobe of snazzy clothes from your grandparents, or be able to afford endless snazzy new clothes at the shops?

Would you rather get stuck going 'round a roundabout for hours, or be trapped driving really fast between dozens of 18-wheeler trucks for hours?

Would you rather only have tea or only have coffee forever?

Look to your neighbors. Would you rather say "bonjour" to France or "howdy" to Canada?

Would you rather never feel guilty when you really ought to and be judged for it, or feel guilty all the time even though you can't remember what you did wrong?

Would you rather own a small house with a big and beautiful garden, or a big house with no outdoor space?

Would you rather be mugged three times or have your car stolen once?

Would you rather have to eat haggis every week for life, or have to eat deep-fried butter every week for life?

Would you rather go abroad and find they all ignore you, or go abroad and find they all hate you?

Would you rather shoot your own foot with three pellets from a 12-gauge shotgun, or with one dart from a dartboard?

Would you rather shave your head for a year or have massively thick and curly hair down to your knees for a year?

Would you rather go to loads of fancy dinner parties or loads of super-chill cookouts?

Would you rather break your nose or your back molar?

As climate change worsens, would you rather have sea levels rise six feet or have all the land get a terrible drought?

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About This Quiz

The United States of America was once the 13 colonies, a land settled by the Dutch and the British, with a heavy dose of German settlers, African slaves, Native Americans and a smattering of smaller groups. These 13 colonies separated themselves from the British Empire and formed what would eventually become the United States as we know it. 

However, if you look at how these events are taught in school, you will begin to see the differences in perspective between the two nations. In the U.S., children are taught how King George III was a tyrant along the lines of a Roman Emperor, and he would not give the Americans the representation they craved. In the U.K., everyone knows that it was the elected Parliament who decided they didn't want to give the Americans a seat, not the King; George III didn't want to let the colonists leave the Empire.

Add to this over two hundred years of history, some of it shared, and we have a mélange of shared experiences and cultural touchstones, yet wildly different ideas about rights, government and culture. 

We can tell the differences, whether subtle or obvious. Answer our "would you rather" questions, and we'll say if you're a Brit or a Yank.

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