Answer These Yes or No Questions and We'll Guess Which Sport You Played in School

Teresa McGlothlin

Did your team practice indoors?

Did you wear a mouthpiece?

Did you get a varsity letter for your sport?

Did you play your sport in college?

Could you benchpress your own body weight?

Did you have more than one teammate?

Have you been to a professional sporting event?

Are you still quick on your feet?

Did you spend a lot of time under the bleachers?

Did your sport have cheerleaders?

Were you also in the school band?

Did you work hard to keep your grades up?

Are you still in touch with your teammates?

Is dribbling your strongest skill?

Have you ever scored a goal?

Did you attend your prom with your teammates?

Did your family come to all your games?

Did your sport require special shoes?

Do you have good eye hand coordination?

Was your sport played during the spring?

Did you ever win a trophy?

Were you a good team player?

Did you play more than one sport?

Did you have any sports-related injuries?

Would you like to get the team back together?

Have you ever coached a team?

Are you still physically active?

Were you the fastest runner on the team?

Did you have to weigh in before practice?

Did you enjoy going to pep rallies?

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About This Quiz

Whether you spent your younger years on the pitch or on the gridiron, we'll know after you answer these yes or no questions. While we could just come out and ask you which sport you played, we already know you're a fan of games. Play along with us, and we'll think we know which sport ruled your world back in school. 

As we lap our way around this quiz, your job is an easy one. After you read our question, simply choose yes or no as the question pertains to you when you were back in school. We promise not to ask questions like "What kind of ball did you use?" That would make our job way too easy, and it would discredit our sportsmanship. 

Once we feel like we know enough about you to have been on your team back then, we will make our guess. Even if you were the prolific athlete who played every sport your school offered, we think we'll be able to guess the one you loved the most. Get ready to flex your mental muscles by going back in time with us. Relive your glory days, and we know which sport you played in school!

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