Quiz: Apocalypse Now: The Manhattan Project Quiz
Apocalypse Now: The Manhattan Project Quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
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Under fire from the Germans and the Japanese, the Allies decided to up the ante -- they started work on the Manhattan Project. This famous World War II project changed human history, and maybe not in a good way. How much do you know about the program?

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What was the primary purpose of the Manhattan Project?
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What specific reason caused the Allies to begin the Manhattan Project?
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How did the Allies learn of Nazi atomic plans?
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Which country did NOT help America with the project?
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The project took on great importance during World War II. When did it begin?
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The project's research occurred at one laboratory.
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Los Alamos Laboratory was a secret lab at the center of the project. It's located where?
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If much of the work occurred in New Mexico, why was it called the Manhattan Project?
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As the Axis grew ever stronger, the project took on great importance. At its peak, how many people were working on the project?
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Einstein wanted to work on the Manhattan Project but was denied access.
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When the project began, how did scientists perceive the idea of a nuclear bomb?
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The project received the highest possible priority rating from the government.
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The Los Alamos lab was also known as what?
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The work at Los Alamos mostly revolved around what?
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What was the name of the first-ever atomic bomb test?
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The bomb used for the Trinity test acquired which nickname?
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In the end, how many bombs did the project yield?
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The project was top-secret. Workers who disclosed project details were threatened with which punishment?
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Authorities were exceptionally successful in guarding the secrecy of the project.
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What was the project's initial cover name?
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About half of the project's metallurgists and chemists were taken off of the project. Why?
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The Axis managed to sabotage several aspects of the project.
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The RaLa Experiment became one of the most important parts of the project. What did the experiment explore?
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The Trinity blast created a mushroom cloud that went how high in the sky?
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Women played a vital role in the program.
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Once the bomb was ready, bomber pilots were told that in the event of aircraft problems, they should crash where?
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The Germans eventually succeeded in creating their own atomic bombs during the war.
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The first-ever atomic bomb was dropped on which city?
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The Allies dropped two nuclear weapons on Japan. About how many people died from the blasts?
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