Quiz: Fact or Fiction: Archos Tablets
Fact or Fiction: Archos Tablets
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Surely, getting a tablet in the $100 to $400 range must mean giving up a lot and carrying around a concrete slate-sized device, right? Test your Archos tablet know-how and find out.

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Archos came out with its first tablet-like devices in 2009.
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Archos has "arch" in its name, reflecting its success in creating a bendable, flex screen.
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"Angry Birds" doesn't work well with Archos tablets.
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Archos is the first company to launch an Android 3.2 operating system tablet.
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Tablets don't have hard drives.
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Archos has more "flash" than Apple.
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Archos tablets don’t support Skype.
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Archos means "tablet" in Greek.
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A 2.8-inch (7.11 cm) device isn’t really a tablet.
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Apple's iPad 2 weighs more than an Archos 101 tablet.
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Archos tablets are light because they're made from an aluminum alloy.
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Upgrading an Archos tablet with a 2.2 operating system involves just replacing parts to make it 3.2 ready.
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Google Android operating systems are named after desserts, in alphabetical order for each upgrade.
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Archos tablets are so affordable that no one thinks they can compete with Apple's iPads.
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Archos is also the name of the company's president.
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Archos didn’t have access to Google's Android Market early on, so it started its own Android marketplace.
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New Archos tablets will come with an app for the Google Android Marketplace installed.
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WebOS had an uncertain future after the 2011 announcement that HP will stop developing and selling WebOS devices, but Archos has WebOS products in the works.
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You can store about 20 hours of films in HD on the new Archos 101 G9.
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Archos offers a smaller selection of tablets than most manufacturers.
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