Quiz: Are '60s Cars Your Thing? Test Your Knowledge Here!
Are '60s Cars Your Thing? Test Your Knowledge Here!
By: Allie T.
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

The 1960s -- everything was changing, and cars were no exception! Probably the most famous automotive innovation of this decade was Ford's rollout of the Mustang in 1964, which inspired a number of other "pony cars," or cars with strong engines in shorter, sleeker bodies. 

In Europe, Italian designer Gian Paolo Dallara and two other Lamborghini designers created the Miura, which kicked off the European supercar craze. Icons of the 1960s, like fictional spy James Bond and American film hero Steve McQueen, were firmly associated with the fantastic cars they drove onscreen. The family station wagon was still a rarity, the long gas lines of the 1970s were yet to come ... and the SUV? It was still decades away!

How much do you know about the designs and fads of 1960s cars? Do you know, for example, which car was the brainchild of Adolf Hitler? (Hint: Its name translates to "people's car.") Or which European car was called "the most beautiful car ever made"? Of course, there was probably a lot of debate about that at the time, just like there would be today. 

If you're feeling confident about your knowledge of 1960s cars, get behind the wheel of our quiz! Find out now if your classic-car savvy is a Stingray ... or an Edsel!

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