Are You a Deep or a Shallow Thinker?

Tasha Moore

Spell intellect.

Complete this sentence: "________ is a terrible thing to waste."

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "kite"?

Which do you choose: idealism or practicality?

Give the weather forecast for tomorrow.

Is a utopia at all possible?

Are you ready for any challenge that life throws your way?

Who's your favorite philosopher?

Name the primary tool that you use to solve problems.

How many majors did you take on while in school?

Do you prefer the status quo, or are you a reformer?

Quickly offer a brief theory.

What's the most practical thing you've purchased?

Name the place where you come up with your brightest ideas.

Which month is special to you?

What's the best thing to do before one speaks?

Describe the first step in your thinking process.

Complete the sentence: "I ________, therefore I am."

Reveal an instance where one plus one does not equal two.

What type of people do you tend to avoid?

Have you ever been wrong?

Choose the job that suits you best: orator, writer, editor.

What does the future have in store?

Are you good with numbers?

What's your definition of the word "scholar"?

Disclose the reason you admire your significant other.

Provide the first thing that comes to mind when you hear "genius."

Who ranks highest: God or humans?

Drop a quick poem.

Determine the strength of your beliefs.

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About This Quiz

You should know where on the thinking spectrum you hover: Are you a deep or a shallow thinker? The answer could help make life a whole lot easier for you. Stop fighting sleepy time if your brain defaults to siesta mode whenever thinking too hard comes into play. You might be better off dealing with surface matters, and that's perfectly okay! As a surface thinker, just be sure that you don't miss your true calling because you're too busy pursuing careers that don't jibe with the way your brain works.

On the flip side, deep thinkers should come to terms with who they are and what expending all that brainpower can do to a person. Our quiz identifies the compulsive behaviors that deep thinkers typically engage in. Don't become a jaded thinker who has used the noggin so much that they can no longer enjoy life's simple pleasures. Luckily, this personality challenge discloses the main characteristics you ought to pursue for balanced brain endeavors. Volatile thinkers are on this kind of path, but indecisiveness threatens to stagnate their progress if they are not careful. 

After you determine which league of thought describes you, know that too much of one way of thinking is no good. Dig deep for matters that require elaborate analysis, but hang out in the shallow end of the mental pool for the simple things in life. 

Move forward and tune in to our questions that will guide you toward more productive thinking patterns.

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