Quiz: Are You a Dragon or a Tiger from the Chinese Zodiac?
Are You a Dragon or a Tiger from the Chinese Zodiac?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

While the typical horoscope that most Westerners are familiar with goes by the cycle of the moon, the Chinese Zodiac is a 12-month cycle with each being named after an animal, except for dragons, which are imaginary. Supposedly anyway. Two of the more interesting signs of the zodiac are the Dragon and the Tiger; both are very similar in certain ways, but also very different. Which are you most like?

The dragon is the most powerful sign in the zodiac, although sometimes power comes with a price. Dragons are hotheads and have a sharp tongue. They are confident and are not afraid to take risks, as well as being smart, tenacious and confident. They also can be aggressive and are not often open to criticism. While they might be arrogant, they don't think they are. They rarely follow tradition and do their own thing.

Tigers are brave and competitive; they are charming and well-liked, but sometimes can be a bit spoiled and high-handed. They are very stubborn and don't like to go back on what they have said they would do. They don't make a lot of plans, but they are good at adjusting to what comes along.

Are you more like a dragon or a tiger? Take this quiz to find out.


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