Quiz: Are You A Master Of Common Facts?
Are You A Master Of Common Facts?
By: Olivia Seitz
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About This Quiz

Trivia masters and know-it-alls, this one is for you! Having knowledge on a variety of subjects is the key to acing this quiz. What's the fun of limiting yourself to knowing one subject inside and out when you can learn them all? Pop culture, science and geography aren't the only subjects you'll want to brush up on! You'll even find some history and vocabulary in this quiz. Brush up on your facts to make sure you're ready!

Think you can name all the colors of the rainbow? Do you know your way around a sheet of music or are you the master of an instrument? Can you finish some famous phrases from history? Maybe you can even name the homes of a few international landmarks. This quiz will really test your knowledge of all things!

Can you name a television show from a small description? Can you name the author of some of the most famous literature in history? Do you know all about the most recognizable cartoon characters on television? If you can answer questions like these, then consider yourself ready.

If you're a living fact book who can quickly pull out a fact on any subject, you'll have no trouble answering these general questions. Jump into it and see what you can score!

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Which long-running TV show centered around finding talented singers?
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Which of these U.S. presidents wasn't assassinated?
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Which of these colors isn't in the rainbow?
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A baguette is a kind of bread originally from which country?
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Which nation attacked the U.S. at Pearl Harbor?
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Where is the Golden Gate Bridge located?
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Which of these is not like the others?
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In musical notation, what is the name of the clef used for most higher notes?
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During the Revolutionary War, which country did America fight?
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Which "Peanuts" character is famous for hauling around his blanket?
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Where do we get cotton for clothing, sheets and other common goods?
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Which of these directors and producers is famous for a love of explosions in movies?
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What is the head of an orchestra called?
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Which author wrote "Pride and Prejudice," "Sense and Sensibility" and other romantic classics?
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Which of these creatures, bred by humans, is not valued for a substance they make while alive?
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Which major world religion holds the cow as sacred?
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Who is commonly credited with inventing the light bulb?
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Which of these is a stringed instrument?
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Which of these classic movies is a Christmas tale about how one man really can make a difference in the world?
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What do you call plants that grow back each year on their own?
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Which of these U.S. states is non-contiguous?
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Which country suffered from a potato famine?
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Which of these dance styles is serious, fiery and full of romantic tension when performed well?
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Which state houses the Alamo?
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Which of these foods wasn't rationed during WWII?
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Which group of people inspired the development of a vaccine for smallpox?
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Finish the phrase: "Red sky at night, sailors' ______; red sky in the morning, sailors take ______."
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Which of these famous music artists crossed over from country to pop?
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Which of these liquids has antibacterial properties?
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Who is famous for saying, "Veni, Vidi, Vici"?
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