Quiz: Are you a Pokemon Go master? Quiz
Are you a Pokemon Go master? Quiz
By: Olivia Seitz
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Whether you're wandering the streets with your phone or marveling at the mobs that turned out for the beta launch, you've certainly heard of the groundbreaking hybrid-reality game. How much do you know about the game and its players?

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Which Pokemon appears when a player logs into the game for the first time?
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Some players discovered that ignoring the three starter Pokemon leads to a fourth option. Which Pokemon will appear as an alternative?
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Where is the only place a lure can be used?
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In the game's first loading screen, which water Pokemon was poised to attack the hapless player on the docks?
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Which of the following cannot be collected from a Pokestop?
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What is the maximum number of Pokecoins players can earn from gyms?
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What color is a 10km egg?
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How long does a player have to walk to hatch a Charmander, Cleffa or Weedle?
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How many times can you use a blue egg incubator?
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Which of the following is not a team new players can join?
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If you're a Team Mystic player who comes across a gym controlled by Team Instinct, which of the following can you not do?
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What is the best kind of attack to use against a Gyarados?
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What is the benefit of transferring your Pokemon to the Professor?
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What nickname would you use to evolve an Eevee into a Jolteon?
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What do Pokemon Go players call an informal event during which they get together and set up multiple lures in one place?
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What is it called when players designate a Pokemon to walk with them and earn extra candy?
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What fearsome creature does Dratini eventually evolve into?
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How many Magikarp do you have to catch in order to make a Gyarados?
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What do you have to do in order to get the golden "Punk Girl" medal?
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Which of the following will NOT increase your chances of catching Pikachu?
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