Are You a Real Yankee?

Brian Whitney

What does barbecue mean?

Does prep school sound fun?

Can you pronounce Worcestershire sauce?

What is the closest theme park to you?

Have you been to Martha's Vineyard?

The New England Patriots are...

Do you ever call a woman "dude'?

Who should be paid most at your local university?

How do you eat fried chicken?

What happens when you get 6 inches of snow?

How into chicken and waffles are you?

How many of the buildings around you are made of brick?

Do you think Jeff Foxworthy is funny?

How much pizza do you eat?

How cool is Larry Bird?

Did your high school have a lacrosse team?

What do you call people who don't like harsh winters?

Would you drive past a coffee shop because you knew a Dunkin' Donuts was around the corner?

What do you say to a group of people?

What do you consider 80 degrees?

How often have you gone sailing?

Do you ever wear cowboy boots?

Do you get freaked out by dive bars?

What do you do more, ski or surf?

How many fall jackets do you own?

Do people think you are rude when you go other places?

How aggressive a driver are you?

If you were in a city and had to go a mile, how would you get there?

If your car broke down two miles from a gas station on a country road, how would you get there?

How often do you jaywalk?

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About This Quiz

While many people that live in the Northeast might call themselves true Yankees, are they really? It takes more than geography to be a true Yankee. How do you stack up?

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