Are You a True Baby Boomer?

Brian Whitney

Captain Kangaroo was a great show. How cool did you think Mr. Green Jeans was?

Have you ever had the pleasure of dialing a rotary phone?

How often did you have drills in school that involved you hiding under your desk?

How often have you looked up information in an encyclopedia?

Did your family ever used to have a milkman deliver to your door?

Did you used to put baseball cards in the spokes of your bike?

Do you remember talking to the operator on a payphone?

Do you think people spend way too much time on their phones these days?

Did you used to go to a lot of drive-in movies?

Did you ever watch the TV show "Wide World of Sports"?

How often did you have to use a typewriter?

Were you a little freaked out the first time you sent an email?

Did you enjoy checking out "Bonanza"?

How delicious were Swanson TV dinners?

Do you remember when mail would be delivered twice a day?

Do you remember when a calculator was thought of as new technology?

Did you live in a time when people got dressed up to go shopping?

Back in the day, TV channels signed off and went to static at the end of the night. Do you remember this?

Where would you say you've got most of your books over your life?

When you were a teenager, what age was considered normal to get married?

Which of these was your favorite actor or actress on the "Mary Tyler Moore" show?

How cool is Paul Newman?

Do you remember when "Saturday Night Live" started?

How excited did you get when the new phone book came out?

Did you used to have a transistor radio?

Did you ever actually eat spam?

Do you remember changing channels on the TV with a knob?

Who was your favorite '70s TV detective?

How excited were you when you bought your first record?

Remember the days when everyone used to get Sear's catalogues?

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About This Quiz

It's the world of the Baby Boomer—the rest of us are just renting space. Baby Boomers are people who were born between 1946 and 1964. 

If you were born between those years, then you're a Baby Boomer, at least by what most people say. But just because you were born into a certain generation that mean that's the one that you belong in. If you're a baby boomer, you probably think that Millennials don't work hard enough and are constantly glued to their phones. On the other hand, Millennials might look at Baby Boomers and see people who are out of touch, work too hard and don't have any idea of how to text. 

Turns out, both groups have some biases that are upside down, as Boomers are most likely to be susceptible to "fake news" and Millennials had to work way harder than Boomers did to get into college. 

So how do you tell whether someone is a true Baby Boomer? Well, we think we can find out just by asking a few simple questions about your life experience, how you think about things and how you deal with different situations. For example, if you remember using an ice box, had a just one single phone in your house that was connected to a wall, and remember when swearing was a really big deal, you're probably a Baby Boomer. Take this quiz and see if you're a true Baby Boomer. 

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