Are You a True Buckeye?

Teresa M.

Which Ohio city have you spent the most time in?

Have you ever been to Amish country?

Which of Ohio's neighboring states do you like most?

Which Ohio sports team do you like most?

Have you ever been to The Dawg Pound?

What have you done in The Flats?

Which Amish made food would you try?

Which of Ohio's museums would you like to visit?

Which Ohio school do you like most?

Do you prefer the Indians or the Reds?

Did you know that Pop Tarts were invented in Ohio?

Which famous Ohioan do you like most?

Which of Cedar Point's rollercoasters would you ride?

What would you like to do most at Lake Erie?

Have you ever been to King's Island?

Which Ohio first surprises you the most?

Have you ever been to The Serpent Mound?

What do you think makes Ohio so unique?

Ohio has dramatic seasons. What's your favorite?

What's your connection to Ohio?

Which beer made in Ohio would you try?

Did you know that Toni Morrison is from Ohio?

Which of Ohio's smaller cities would you like to visit?

Which film, shot in Ohio, do you like most?

Do you like the Browns or the Bengals best?

Which part of the state do you think is most beautiful?

Which quarterback do you like most?

Have you ever eaten at one of Michael Symon's restaurants?

Which state do you think comes in second after Ohio?

Which word would you use to describe Ohio?

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About This Quiz

O-H-I-O! Do you simply know a lot about Ohio, or have you bled the state's colors since the day you were born? Let's find out if you are a true Buckeye or if you have simply passed through a few times!

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