Are You a True Floridian?

Steven Miller

What are the four seasons?

How picky are you about oranges?

How often do you wear socks?

How big does a hill have to be to be considered significant?

Do you own a boat?

Do you have a basement?

How often do you use an umbrella?

How many sweatshirts do you own?

Have you ever attended a hurricane party?

How do you feel about love bugs?

What is your prime objective when looking for a parking spot?

Have you worn flip-flops to a formal event before?

How is your Spanish?

Have you ever worn shorts on Christmas?

Can you tell the difference between fire ant bites and mosquito bites?

When you hear the phrase "down South," what do you think of?

Have you ever used aloe vera?

Have you ever run the air conditioner on New Year's Day?

Do you know what a snowbird is?

How many of your friends are over 65 years old?

Do animal sounds disturb your sleep?

How do you feel about summers in Florida?

How do you feel about a 70 degree day?

When was the last time you got burned by the metal on your seatbelt?

What would you think about seeing a six-foot gator?

What category of hurricane makes you worry?

Have you ever been through Yeehaw Junction?

How shocked are you by bizarre news events coming out of Florida?

Do you cheer for any Florida college football teams?

Which is your favorite grocery store?

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About This Quiz

How you react to a hurricane and your relationship with your air conditioning unit says a lot about whether you are a Floridian down to your core. Let's find out if you make the grade on your Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT).

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