Quiz: Are You a True MLB Fan? Tell Us How Much You Know About the Houston Astros
Are You a True MLB Fan? Tell Us How Much You Know About the Houston Astros
By: John Miller
Image: Baseball Team

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The Yankees, the Giants, the Dodgers … Major League Baseball’s royalty will never truly understand the everyday suffering of teams like the Brewers, Indians or Twins. Some teams seem destined for routine glory, while others, like the Houston Astros, always seem to wind up on the wrong side of history. But every season is a chance for redemption, and in 2017, this once-mediocre Texas club took history and blasted it with a Colt .45 – what do you know about the Astros and their incredible recent run of success?

Few Texas teams have ever broken through the MLB’s glass ceiling. Sure, the Rangers had some amazing seasons, and the Astros found the limelight once in a while, but neither team could win a title, even with guys like Nolan Ryan, Jeff Bagwell and Jimmy Wynn playing their hearts out. Do you know any of the other star players who racked up amazing statistics in Houston?

Compared to MLB’s charter members, the Astros really haven’t been around all that long. But the club built one of the most amazing venues in history. What do you know about the place that the Astros used to call home? And how much do you know about the team’s current field?

After decades of futility, Houston’s management set out with a rebuilding plan in 2014, gutting parts of the team in hopes of finding a better path. Little did they know, their strategy would pay immediate dividends. Race into the outfield and see if you can catch all of the facts in our Houston Astros quiz!

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