Quiz: Are You a U.S. Geography and History Expert? Prove It with This Quiz!
Are You a U.S. Geography and History Expert? Prove It with This Quiz!
By: Monica Lee
Image: George Norman Barnard

About This Quiz

Geography plays a role in history, in strategy, in accessibility to resources, and in the outcome of events. It's as if history cannot be accurately described without setting the scene via geography. That's why if you're a history expert, you know your geography. And if you're a geography expert, you know your history. For instance, The Trail of Tears is an upsetting historical event not just because Native Americans were relocated to Oklahoma, but also because of the geography and terrain that added to the cruelty of the event.

With this quiz you'll recall the battles, decisions and discoveries that formed our great nation. And, note the importance of geography and how it affects people and their opinions (take the Civil War for example). Although this quiz combines both geography and historical events, there will be some questions that separate the two, so you can show off your expertise. And remember, U.S. history can go beyond the borders of the United States. For instance, a U.S. president, Theodore Roosevelt, commissioned building a trans-isthmian canal known as the Panama Canal.

Now it's time to don your thinking cap and take this quiz. Whether it's the Lewis and Clark expedition, or the Gold Rush, you're on a wild ride through history!

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