Quiz: Are You a World History Expert?
Are You a World History Expert?
By: Allison Lips
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About This Quiz

In U.S. schools, much of the curriculum focuses on our home country. If you're lucky, you will get a teacher who knows how to teach World History well. Even then, there are times when World History feels more like European History because Africa, Asia, South America and Australia are often glossed over in favor of Western democracies. However, this quiz will broaden your horizons past the United States, the United Kingdom, their allies and their enemies. 

This quiz will still include some questions about the United States and the United Kingdom because the two countries have had an enormous impact on world history, but it will also cover the Mongol Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, Ancient Rome and more. 

How much do you know about the Troubles? Do you know who the last pharaoh of Egypt was? Can you remember Mumbai's former name or that of other renamed cities? Are you an expert on the League of Nations and the United Nations? If you can ace this quiz, you'll make your history teachers proud! 

Are you ready for this challenge? Find out if you should become a World History professor or if you need to brush up on your history! 

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Which Chinese destination was the site of protests in 1989?
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Whose assassination led to World War I?
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Which Argentinian became a notable figure in the Cuban Revolution?
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Which international organization formed after World War I was headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland?
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Which country did England send convicts to between 1788 and 1868?
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In 1989, the fall of which wall began the reunification of Germany?
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Who ran the USSR during World War II?
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Which of the following was not one of Christopher Columbus' ships?
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Which British prime minister coined the term "special relationship" to describe the bond between the US and the UK?
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Which war did the Reign of Terror take place during?
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Which movie star married the Prince of Monaco on April 18, 1956?
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Who was the last Egyptian pharaoh?
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Who was the only person to serve as president of the Soviet Union?
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Which union has 28 member countries, many of which use the euro as their currency?
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Which conflict ended with the Good Friday Agreement?
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Which British ocean liner did a German U-boat torpedo on May 7, 1915?
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Which Roman leader was stabbed to death by his own senators?
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Which empire did Charlemagne rule?
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What is the name of the island Napoleon was exiled to?
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Who was the founder of the Mongol Empire?
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What modern-day city was known as Bombay?
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Which country was not part of the Triple Entente?
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Who sold Alaska to the United States?
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What is the name of the strip of land that divides the Korean Peninsula?
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Which country did Soviet Troops occupy from 1979 to 1989?
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Who was the first and so far only female prime minister of Israel?
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What documents were responsible for establishing the 17th Parallel as the line that separated Vietnam during the Vietnam War?
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Who was the president of the United States during the Iran Hostage Crisis?
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Which city served as a capital of the Ottoman Empire?
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What city was formerly known as Saigon?
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Which country did the United Kingdom fight against in the Falklands War?
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Who was one of the first people to reach the summit of Mount Everest?
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Which organization has 193 member countries?
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