Quiz: Can We Guess If You Are Actually Attracted to Your Significant Other?
Can We Guess If You Are Actually Attracted to Your Significant Other?
By: Khadija L.
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About This Quiz

After a while, relationships can get stale or boring. You see, being with someone for a long time can have us craving something new. We may even contemplate finding someone else. But it's not always time that has us questioning what we're doing in the relationship. Sometimes, we're just no longer attracted to that person. 

It may be a combination of things that lead us to this point, but is it really that we're no longer attracted to our partners, or is it that their habits just really annoy us. Do you need a breather from your partner or is it already over in your head? Find out if the attraction is still there or if it has fizzled out with this quiz. 

Do you still daydream or fantasize about your partner when you're apart? Or does the thought of them conjure up a migraine? Do the things they do bring a smile to your face? Or do you feel heartburn when you picture them in your mind? We're going to ask you questions that'll tell us whether you're still physically and emotionally attracted to your significant other so that we can let you know what the status of your relationship should be. So if you're eager to find out, let's get started.

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