Quiz: Are You an American Trucks Expert? Time to Prove It With This Quiz
Are You an American Trucks Expert? Time to Prove It With This Quiz
By: Steven Symes
Image: Joe Knows Best

About This Quiz

Do you have the craving for a vehicle that can pull a trailer loaded full of bucking broncos? Do you need something that you can dramatically dump landscaping pavers or a load of dirt into? Do you want everyone to ask you to help them move? Maybe you're an expert on the phenomena known as American trucks.

Pickup trucks are about as American as apple pie and baseball... only baseball is popular in the Caribbean and Nicaragua. Anyway, we Americans love our trucks, something that mystifies some foreigners, and amazes others. Throughout time, our trucks have become bigger, stronger, and more luxurious. On that last point, it wasn't too long ago that people laughed at the idea of a luxurious truck - just look at the reception for the Lincoln Mark LT. Yes, it was a poor rebadging job of the F-150, but at the same time Cadillac was selling a poor rebadged job of the Chevy Avalanche and nobody seemed to care.

Just how much do you know about these monstrous beasts? There's a rich history and plenty of information. Test your knowledge by taking the quiz now!

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