Are You an Empath?

Tasha Moore

Do you fall in love easily?

Is interpersonal physical touch a big deal for you?

You hear about a major world calamity. What's your first thought?

Do you consider yourself to be a people person?

Can you tell if someone wants to ask you something before they actually ask it?

Do you know when you are being lied to?

Are you close with your family members?

Do animals of all sorts gravitate to you?

Are you considered the oddball of your family?

Is it true that you like animals, but you'd rather not keep them as pets?

Are there certain foods that enhance your intuition?

When tasting water from different sources, can you detect even slight differences in mineral content?

Have you ever warned your loved ones about catastrophes before they happened?

Are your dreams more like coming attractions?

You're able to interpret dreams like a pro. Yay or nah?

Sometimes your keen sense of things is misinterpreted as high intelligence. Is this true for you?

You have an awesome relationship with electricity. True or false?

Is it true that when exiting your car, you need to first touch your rubber tire to ground the electrical charge you've generated?

Do you become more sensitive in hot weather?

When it's especially humid on dry land, does it feel as if you're walking through water?

How would you describe your love life?

How do you fare at live comedy shows?

Do just about all public surfaces gross you out?

Are you a good cook?

Name the one thing you need the most to be the best empath that you can be?

Describe your typical romantic relationship.

What's your take on solitude?

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the strongest, how strong are your empath abilities?

Are secondhand thrift stores "noisy" to you?

Earthquakes, go!

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About This Quiz

Welcome to the best place on the internet to determine your level of empathy. An empath might protest that either you're an empath or you're not. But we tend to believe that most people exhibit varying degrees of empathic traits. Our personality challenge will help you gauge your place on the empath spectrum.

For the most part, empaths are thought to be fictional people with superhuman abilities, which can take many forms. Some empath characters of film and television are good with destroying their enemies with their skills, while others choose to help people with theirs. In the real world, empaths tend to be sensitive to the mental state and emotional well-being of those around them. Real-life empaths are also infamous for detecting lies and genuineness in people. So logically, most empaths aren't too gushy when it comes to social scenarios.

If you know that you aren't an empath, use our test to know for certain, then pass these questions on to your friends and family members who may have been on the fence about their empath status. Once you know your rank, you can work on refining your talents, whatever they may be. Discover a few tips in this quiz about honing your skills, as well!

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