Quiz: Are You an Expert on Canadian Military History?
Are You an Expert on Canadian Military History?
By: John Miller
Image: wikimedia Canada. Dept. of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada

About This Quiz

You can set your scoffing aside and forget the stereotype that Canadians are polite to a fault and will do anything to please other people. Or, if you prefer, you can take it up with the pilots of their Sikorsky CH-148 Cyclones, just some of the deadly planes in their arsenal.

Canada’s welcoming reputation belies centuries of armed conflict with its immediate neighbors and with foreign powers around the world. On land and sea, and in the air, Canada was a major participant in both of the World Wars and helped to turn the tide of battle against German aggressors. Do you know the name of any famous battles featuring mostly Canadian troops?

This country – the second-largest in the world – has tens of thousands of miles of shoreline to defend. Not only has Canada repelled multiple invasions, it’s had to quell internal rebellions, too – and we aren’t talking about rampaging rabid moose.

As with any large, long-established country, Canada has had its share of complicated political situations. And believe it or not, these friendly folks sometimes respond to threats by building massive tank divisions and other technologically-advanced machines of war.

So step into the Canadian Rockies if you dare. Do your best to ace our Canadian military history quiz, and if you fail, perhaps you’ll wander the northern wilderness forever.

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In which war did Canadian troops serve together in large numbers, establishing a newfound sense of cultural pride and identity?
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On Sept. 10, 1939, Canada declared war on which country?
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From the 1700s to the end of the 1800s, Canada feared an attack by which country?
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In what year did women first serve with the Canadian military?
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What's a common acronym for the Canadian military?
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Canada's first battles were mostly fought against which group?
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About how many Canadians served in the military during WWII?
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True or false, did any female Canadian nurses die in combat during WWI?
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In what year did Canada finally take full responsibility for its defense?
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People in the area of which country invaded Canada in 1775 and 1812?
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In 1899, for the first time, the Canadian government formed formal military units for overseas combat. Where did they go to fight?
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When was the Royal Canadian Air Force formed?
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What is the name of Canada's highest decoration for military valor?
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As of early 2018, how many Canadian military personnel have been awarded the Victoria Cross, the country's highest military decoration?
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At which WWI battle did Canadian troops cement their legacy of valor in combat?
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True or false, has the United States ever successfully invaded Canada?
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The vast majority of Canada's Victoria Crosses were awarded in the wake of which conflict?
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In 2001, a major conflict took Canadian forces to which country?
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In the 1885 North-West Rebellion, the government of Canada put down an uprising by which people?
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In early Canadian history, particularly during the 1700s, a rivalry between which two countries created much violent conflict in Canada?
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Why did the WWI Battle of Vimy Ridge serve to unify much of Canada's cultural consciousness?
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True or false, was Canada the only country of the Americas that was truly engaged in WWII prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor?
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In 1936, Canada sought to modernize its military by building many _____.
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Which did the name "Canadian Army" first come into official use?
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What's the name of the official newspaper of the Canadian armed forces?
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What was the nickname for Canadian nurses who served during WWI?
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What other term has NEVER been used to describe the Canadian military?
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