Quiz: Are You an Expert on "Oklahoma!"?
Are You an Expert on "Oklahoma!"?
By: R. White
Image: The Samuel Goldwyn Company

About This Quiz

"Ohhh, what a beautiful morning to take this quiz! Whether it's morning, noon or nighttime for you, there's no better time to take this Oklahoma! quiz than now! When it comes to this plucky little musical, are you an expert?

Oklahoma! has a long, long history. It first started off as a Broadway musical that debuted in 1943. Based on the Lynn Riggs play, Green Grow the Lilacs, Oklahoma! follows the story of a young girl who is being courted by two potential suitors. 

The first collaboration of the legendary duo Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, Oklahoma! went on to become a film in 1955. The film stars Gordon MacRae, Shirley Jones, and Rod Steiger as the three characters at the center of this love triangle. The film came out over 60 years ago. Do you still remember the adventures of Curly and Laurey? 

Who took Laurey to the box social? What kind of gun does Jud carry? What's the name of Curly's beloved horse? You "Cain't Say No" to this quiz! Are you ready to give it "All 'Er Nuthin'"? Let's find out!

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In the opening song, "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning," the corn is described as being what?
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Curly offers to take Laurey to the Box Social with what?
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Who does Laurey agree can take her to the Box Social instead of Curly?
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Who sings, "Kissin's my favorite food"?
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What city has Will Parker been in before coming back to town by train?
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Which girl does Laurey get into a fight with over Curly?
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What is everyone picking outside Laurey's house before the Box Social?
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What do Laurey and Curly NOT sing to each other during "People Will Say We're in Love"?
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What kind of gun does Jud have?
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What does Curly tell Jud is "as easy as falling off a log"?
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What do Curly and Jud sing a song together about?
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Which is NOT a song included in the movie?
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What does the peddlar say he has to sell to the menfolk while in Jud's cabin with Curly?
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Laurey falls asleep on the porch of her house. What does she dream about?
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What is being auctioned off at the Box Social?
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How is Will able to regain the money to win over Annie?
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What does Jud buy from Will Parker?
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What is the auction raising money for?
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What has been claimed as the cause of a "three-day bellyache"?
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What is the name of Curly's beloved horse?
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What is the final item Curly sells to keep a high bid on Laurey's hamper?
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What does Jud want to show Curly after the auction?
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Who does Mr. Hakim eventually marry?
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Hakim shows Annie a "Persian goodbye." What does Will show her?
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After Laurey and Curly are married, Jud says, "I gotta present for you." What is it?
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What plea is given at the trial?
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