Quiz: Are You an Expert on the American Revolution?
Are You an Expert on the American Revolution?
By: Gavin Thagard
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All the colonists wanted was representation in Parliament, then a war started!

When the American Revolution began, most of the revolutionaries were acting on their hopes and ideologies, but as each year passed, those dreams waned, yet they never faded. There were, of course, many challenges to those dreams, but even after crushing defeats and harsh winters where there was little food and clothing, the American Patriots stayed true to their cause, mainly because of the conviction and discipline of General George Washington, who would become the first United States president. His guidance would help shape the young country during the war and immediately after, but first, he had to defeat the British. 

The British Empire would not easily surrender either. They had more resources and a larger army, but luckily for the colonists, the British faced other conflicts around the world, and their military was spread thin. This allowed the colonists to draw the war out, causing opposition among the British citizenry, who were more willing than the British King to give the colonies away. This, among many other factors, was the reason the revolutionaries achieved victory.  

If you think you're an expert on the American Revolution, take this quiz and find out! 

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How many colonies in America rebelled?
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Which of the following restricted the use of paper money?
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Which group arose to defend the rights of the colonists?
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Who was an important ambassador to France?
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Where did British soldiers open fire on a mob of colonists?
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Which of these men was killed during the Boston Massacre?
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Who was famous for settling land in Kentucky?
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What did colonists dress up as, during the Boston Tea Party?
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What government was established in the colonies to discuss terms with Britain?
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Which colony did not send a representative to the First Continental Congress?
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Where were the first battles of the war?
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Who was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence?
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Where was the Battle of Bunker Hill fought?
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Which is NOT a right granted by the Declaration of Independence?
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What river did George Washington cross before the Battle of Trenton?
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Who did the colonists fight at the Battle of Trenton?
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Where did the Continental Army stay during the winter of 1777-78?
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Who did Washington appoint to train his soldiers?
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Who led most of the Southern campaign for the British?
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Who was the Second in Command of the Continental Army?
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Who was the King of England during the war?
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Whose capture revealed the plan to surrender West Point?
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Which country helped the colonists win the war?
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Who led the attack on Quebec City by the colonists?
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Which British document declared that the American colonies were in a state of rebellion?
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Which British general surrendered at Saratoga?
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What side did African Americans fight on?
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Which British general surrendered at Yorktown?
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Who accepted the sword of Cornwallis when he surrendered?
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