Quiz: Are You Brave Enough for "The Hitcher" Quiz?
Are You Brave Enough for "The Hitcher" Quiz?
By: Annette
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The Hitcher has a cult following, but you don't have to be a mega fan to remember the main points of the movie. Take this quiz, and prepare yourself to cringe every time you see a hitchhiker.

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What genre is The Hitcher?

The Hitcher is actually a road action-horror film that was directed by Robert Harmon. It was written by Eric Red.

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What year was The Hitcher released?

The Hitcher was released in 1986. It has had a cult following ever since it made a sensation in the '80s.

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Which of these actors is in The Hitcher?

Rutger Hauer is the man responsible for scaring the crap out of everyone in The Hitcher. He plays along with C. Thomas Howell.

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Which of these actresses is in The Hitcher?

Jennifer Jason Leigh is the lead female actress in The Hitcher. Jeffrey DeMunn rounds out the cast.

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Jim and the hitchhiker engage in a game of ____ ?

The movie centers around the cat and mouse game between the deadly Hitcher and Jim. He wished he never picked up that creepy guy.

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Jim was delivering a car from Chicago to _____ ?

Jim is busy returning a car from Chicago to San Diego. He's having a grand old time, till tragedy strikes.

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Where does Jim pick up the hitcher?

Jim picks up the hitcher in West Texas. They're in the middle of the desert when he decides to give him a ride.

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What is the hitcher's name?

The hitcher's name is John Ryder. The whole time he's in the car, he's brooding and quite sullen.

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After passing a stranded car, what does John do?

The two pass an empty car, and John puts his foot on the accelerator. John says he murdered the driver of the stranded car.

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Jim asks what Ryder wants, and Ryder replies _____ ?

Ryder says that he wants Jim to stop him from killing. He says that he wants to die. He seems penitent.

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When Ryder isn't wearing his seatbelt, Jim manages to ____ ?

Jim sees that Ryder isn't wearing a seatbelt. He takes the opportunity to push him out of the car while it's still moving.

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After getting rid of him, where does Jim spot Ryder?

Jim spots Ryder in the back of a family car. He tries to warn the family, but to no avail.

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What happens to the second car that he spots Ryder in?

The family is murdered by the Hitcher. When Jim sees the bloody remains, he is horrified and vomits.

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What does Ryder blow up?

The hitcher runs a truck into a gas station and then sets it on fire. He tries to run Jim over in the process.

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Who does Jim meet at a diner?

Jim meets a waitress named Nash at a diner. When he's there, he eats some food, relaxes and calls the police.

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What does Jim find in his food at the diner?

Jim finds a severed finger in his food, and that lets him know that Ryder is nearby. Still, he waits for the police to arrive.

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What do the police at the diner find in Jim's pocket?

The police find Ryder's knife inside Jim's pocket, and they arrest him. The police lock him up for the night.

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In jail, what does Jim wake to find?

When Jim awakes, he sees that his cell door is open and that all the cops are dead. Jim takes a gun and leaves.

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Who does Jim encounter after leaving the jail?

Jim flees to a gas station and finds two officers. He takes them hostage and tries to speak to the captain of the police over the radio.

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As Ryder keeps following him, Jim considers _____ ?

Jim briefly considers committing suicide. At that point in the story, do you really blame him?

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To get out of town, Jim _____ ?

Jim fairly boards a bus, where he again meets Nash. He explains to her what is going on in detail.

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Ryder informs Jim that he has _____ ?

Ryder informs Jim that the gun he stole from the police is empty. He gives him a few bullets, just to be nice.

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What happens to the bus that Jim and Nash are on?

The bus that Jim and Nash are on is pulled over by the police. Nash pulls out the gun, and flees with Jim.

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What does Ryder shoot down?

Ryder manages to shoot down a helicopter. Once he does this, it's like everyone's car crashes at the same time. They were all involved in a chase.

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After Jim and Nash find a hotel, what happens?

While Jim is in the shower, Nash is abducted from the hotel. Ryder is the one who took her, and things don't look so good for the future.

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In Ryder's clutches, where does Nash end up?

Nash is found tied between two trucks. Ryder is driving one of them, and he threatens to tear her apart.

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What happens to Nash?

Sadly, Nash is pulled apart between two trucks. When Jim refuses to shoot the pistol he's been given, Ryder releases the clutch.

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Where is Ryder eventually taken?

Ryder is eventually brought to the police for questioning. When he takes Jim's arm, Jim spits at him in the face.

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What does Jim do to Ryder's prison bus?

Jim no longer trusts the police, so he steals a pistol and a vehicle and chases after the bus. Ryder sees Jim's approach.

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What happens to Ryder's police bus?

Ryder manages to kill all the officers on the bus, and then it crashes. He manages to climb into Jim's car.

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Who flies through the windshield?

Jim slams on the brakes, and Ryder is sent through the windshield. He lays in front of Jim's car, in the road.

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Ryder, standing in front of Jim's car, tells him to _____ .

Ryder tells Jim to run him over, which he eventually does. Of course, Jim has to get out of the car to examine the body.

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As Jim stands over Ryder's lifeless corpse, what happens?

As Jim stands over Ryder's lifeless corpse, he pops up. Of course he does. It's a horror movie.

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How does Ryder eventually die?

Ryder eventually dies after Jim shoots him to death. Finally, Jim can feel some relief that the ordeal is over.

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The writer of The Hitcher said it was based off a ____ song.

The inspiration for the script was the Doors' "Riders on the Storm." When you listen to the song, it makes total sense.

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