Quiz: Are You Brave Enough for "The Hitcher" Quiz?
Are You Brave Enough for "The Hitcher" Quiz?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

The Hitcher has a cult following, but you don't have to be a mega fan to remember the main points of the movie. Take this quiz, and prepare yourself to cringe every time you see a hitchhiker.

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What genre is The Hitcher?
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What year was The Hitcher released?
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Which of these actors is in The Hitcher?
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Which of these actresses is in The Hitcher?
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Jim and the hitchhiker engage in a game of ____ ?
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Jim was delivering a car from Chicago to _____ ?
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Where does Jim pick up the hitcher?
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What is the hitcher's name?
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After passing a stranded car, what does John do?
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Jim asks what Ryder wants, and Ryder replies _____ ?
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When Ryder isn't wearing his seatbelt, Jim manages to ____ ?
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After getting rid of him, where does Jim spot Ryder?
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What happens to the second car that he spots Ryder in?
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What does Ryder blow up?
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Who does Jim meet at a diner?
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What does Jim find in his food at the diner?
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What do the police at the diner find in Jim's pocket?
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In jail, what does Jim wake to find?
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Who does Jim encounter after leaving the jail?
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As Ryder keeps following him, Jim considers _____ ?
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To get out of town, Jim _____ ?
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Ryder informs Jim that he has _____ ?
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What happens to the bus that Jim and Nash are on?
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What does Ryder shoot down?
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After Jim and Nash find a hotel, what happens?
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In Ryder's clutches, where does Nash end up?
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What happens to Nash?
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Where is Ryder eventually taken?
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What does Jim do to Ryder's prison bus?
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What happens to Ryder's police bus?
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Who flies through the windshield?
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Ryder, standing in front of Jim's car, tells him to _____ .
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As Jim stands over Ryder's lifeless corpse, what happens?
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How does Ryder eventually die?
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The writer of The Hitcher said it was based off a ____ song.
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