Quiz: Are you bush league or big show? Take a crack at the ultimate baseball quiz
Are you bush league or big show? Take a crack at the ultimate baseball quiz
By: Sean Walker
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Calling all baseball trivia experts! Is there anything in the world that brings out more trivia experts than baseball? When it comes to having more baseball knowledge than the next guy, the competition is fierce! Do you know what opposing team did Babe Ruth hit his first home run against? Which pitcher was the first to hit 100 miles an hour, did you know that? What manager for the Baltimore Orioles was ejected from a record 91 games?

There is something out baseball that brings out the trivia expert in all of us, far more than any other sport. Baseball is rich in history, and the statistics that are kept, and the big personalities of some of its players, eclipse those in any other sport. Maybe it is because you used to talk a lot of baseball with your dad when you were growing up, or perhaps it is because you're a total stats geek, but either way, you know your baseball.

So maybe it is time to prove it. What pitcher has no right hand? Who had the nickname of "Mr. November?" Who was the first major league player to have his number retired? Put on your batting helmet, step into the box, and take this quiz.

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