Quiz: Are You Californian to the Core?
Are You Californian to the Core?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Are you so California that Napa Valley should give you your own wine? Do you appreciate the coastlines and the mountains? By the time you've finished this quiz, we'll let you in on just how California you are! Few will be California all the way to the core, but because you are taking this quiz, we know there's a little of it somewhere in you! 

Throughout this California test, we'll examine your lifestyle, your personality, your pastimes, and how much you love avocado. While we'll try to steer away from the typical stereotypes associated with every state, once we know you better, your level of California love will come shining through each response. Answer with as much honesty as you can!

You don't need to live in California or be a native of the Golden State to find out. All you need is an attitude as sunny as a desert day or a day along a Malibu beach. After we've accessed the way you express your California-ness, we'll let you know just how deeply rooted in the state you are. 

Grab a nice glass of Moscato, and play some calming music in the background. Then, we'll know exactly how California you are!

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