Quiz: Are You Calorie-Conscious?
Are You Calorie-Conscious?
By: Mark Lichtenstein
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About This Quiz

With all the attention, health incentives, and technology to support keeping a healthy weight, you would think people would be better at it. Whether it means keeping a diary, using an app, or going to a dietician, it can be done. The question is: are you calorie-conscious?

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When eating with friends, do you feel compelled to keep up with them, ordering courses you don't want because they do?

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Is the whole "calorie" matter only a matter of addition and subtraction?

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Are you happy with your body, on a basic level?

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What medium do you use to keep track of calories?

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How many calories are there in a grape?

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How many calories are there in a large martini?

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If a friend asked you for a low-calorie snack, what would you give them?

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How many calories does an hour of aerobic exorcise burn off?

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By how much should you reduce your calorie intake to lose a pound a week?

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