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How many bytes are there in one kilobyte?

One kilobyte is about 1,000 bytes under the International System of Units. Although the term "kilobyte" has been used to signify 1,024 bytes, the International Electrotechnical Commission has designated the term "kibibyte" to refer to this binary usage.

What is the primary component of solid-state hard drives (SSDs)?

The flash memory chips are akin to those in your digital camera.

Dual-core processors have how many processors on a single chip?

It makes them twice as fast as single-core CPUs.

What kind of memory holds program data and programs temporarily?

Once the computer is turned off, the RAM is cleared.

The "F" on the keys at the top of your keyboard stands for what?

You can access their secondary capabilities by pressing the "Fn" key first and then pressing a function key.

Computer chips are made primarily from what substance?

The circuits are imbedded into the silicon material.

How are computer monitors measured?

Monitors are measured diagonally because early television manufacturers wanted to make the size of their products sound more impressive.

What is a primary advantage of SSDs versus older magnetic hard drives?

Solid-state drives use advanced technology that's speedy and durable.

How much data could a high-density floppy diskette store?

Compared to older floppy disks, the high-density, 1.44-megabyte floppies were a big step forward.

What is the most popular pointing device for contemporary computers?

The mouse continues to triumph in spite of developments such as the touchscreen.

In Windows, which keyboard key combination will display a task manager dialog box?

You can also use Alt Ctrl Delete to restart your computer.

The acronym PAN stands for what?

Bluetooth is one example of communications in a personal area network.

What is the motherboard?

The circuitry of the main circuit board connects the hardware components of a computer and allows them to communicate.

Which is not a type of DVD?

Most DVD drives now can read just about all types of DVDs, but a DVD=R isn't one of them.

What important capability does Windows' Task Manager provide?

When programs stop responding, you can terminate them using the Task Manager.

Traditional hard drives store data as magnetized particles on what kind of material?

The Mylar has a magnetic coating.

How many times can you write and rewrite data to flash memory?

Unlimited rewriting is one of the most useful characteristics of flash memory.

Windows 7 included what major evolutionary capability for desktop computers?

The touchscreen feature was panned by many critics.

Old-school parallel ports transferred data at what speed?

They transferred data 8 bits at a time. They aren't included on PCs anymore, understandably.

For huge, data-intensive projects, a large company might decide to use what kind of computer?

Mainframes are massive computers that may cost millions of dollars.

Which of the following is a type of hardware firewall?

The router can help filter out threats to your computer.

Which architecture is the foundation for all contemporary computers?

John von Neumann's work described the logical elements of computer functionality.

Supercomputers are optimized for what?

They are ultra-specialized to zip through specific processing requests.

What does NIC stand for?

The network interface card facilitates communications between a single computer and a network.

As a computer starts up, it performs a POST, which stands for what?

On older computers you could watch a read-out of the results flashing on your screen during a power-on self-test.

Which security threat refers to faked emails that bait victims into revealing important information?

Phishing is why you don't open documents or click links from suspicious senders.

Virtual memory simulates what?

It simulates additional RAM, but it works slower than actual RAM.

What is the critical function of the chipset?

It connects the CPU and other components and is the general of your computer, delegating tasks at high speed.

Read-only memory is permanently installed on which component?

Read-only memory is on the motherboard. You can't add additional ROM like you would RAM.

A Trojan horse is a type of what?

Installing a quality antivirus will protect you against many Trojan horses.

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