Quiz: Are You Computer Savvy? Quiz
Are You Computer Savvy? Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Computer technologies have sprawled and evolved in recent decades. How much do you know about various computer concepts? Test your knowledge with this quiz.

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How many bytes are there in one kilobyte?
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What is the primary component of solid-state hard drives (SSDs)?
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Dual-core processors have how many processors on a single chip?
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What kind of memory holds program data and programs temporarily?
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The "F" on the keys at the top of your keyboard stands for what?
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Computer chips are made primarily from what substance?
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How are computer monitors measured?
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What is a primary advantage of SSDs versus older magnetic hard drives?
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How much data could a high-density floppy diskette store?
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What is the most popular pointing device for contemporary computers?
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In Windows, which keyboard key combination will display a task manager dialog box?
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Which is not a type of DVD?
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Traditional hard drives store data as magnetized particles on what kind of material?
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How many times can you write and rewrite data to flash memory?
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Windows 7 included what major evolutionary capability for desktop computers?
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Old-school parallel ports transferred data at what speed?
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For huge, data-intensive projects, a large company might decide to use what kind of computer?
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Which of the following is a type of hardware firewall?
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Which architecture is the foundation for all contemporary computers?
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As a computer starts up, it performs a POST, which stands for what?
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Which security threat refers to faked emails that bait victims into revealing important information?
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Read-only memory is permanently installed on which component?
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A Trojan horse is a type of what?
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