Are You Doing Everything You Should to Take Good Care of Your Engine?

Steven Symes

When do you rev your engine?

What oil additives do you use?

How often do you flush your coolant system?

How often do you pull the spark plugs?

How often do you degrease your engine block?

How do you clean the valve covers?

How often do you check the fluid levels?

How do you feel about valve adjustments?

Before installing new spark plugs, I always

What do you do with your engine belts?

I will adjust the engine throttle

On carbureted engines, I clean the carb

When my coolant level keeps dropping, I

I idle my engine

I inspect my engine mounts for signs of wear

I pull the air filter and check to see if it's dirty

I change or have my engine oil changed

When choosing the weight of oil for my engine, I follow

I adjust the timing on my engine

When do you put premium fuel in a car that only requires regular fuel?

How often do you change the engine oil?

I warm up my engine when it's really cold

What do you do when the check engine light comes on?

If you need to go to a bunch of different places, which one do you head to first?

Replacing the ignition wires for your car is

What is your opinion of synthetic oil?

What do you do when you see the oil light turn on?

What do you do if the engine temperature starts to climb above the normal operating level?

When pulling spark plugs, what do you look for?

Which most closely matches your opinion of fuel additives?

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About This Quiz

An ounce of protection is worth avoiding an expensive automotive repair. How protective are you of the thing that makes your ride move? Are you a skilled shade tree mechanic, or do you just let things go and hope for the best? Maybe you land somewhere in the middle? 

Other than the transmission, the engine is the most complicated thing in your car by far. Consider the dozens and dozens of moving parts that must coordinate to avoid disaster. It takes a real expert to know not only what different components are under a car's hood, but also what each one does. A mechanical genius goes even further, knowing what could go wrong in various situations. 

The engine is about more than just valves, camshafts, and pistons. Fluids play a big part in how everything runs. How you manage those fluids determines just how well and long an engine will keep running. 

Caring for an engine isn't easy, but it's worth every last bit of effort you put into it. Find out if you're doing everything necessary, like a real master mechanic, or if you're just a hot mess. Take the quiz right now! 

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