Are You Hip with the Kids?

Steven Miller

Which social media platform do the kids prefer these days?

Which music app do the kids use the most right now?

Do you know what a "finsta" is?

Which smartphone is the most popular with the kids?

How are the kids watching their movies and TV these days?

Which celebrity do the kids think is the coolest?

Do the kids consider YouTube stars to be celebrities?

Which news media site do the kids most likely get their information from?

How do the kids feel about the Kardashians?

Who did the kids most want to be president in 2016?

Are the kids today very politically active?

What percentage of teens define themselves as something other than heterosexual?

How important is it to today's youth to be unique?

Which new innovation has the youth of today most interested?

How impatient are today's youth?

Is it cool to be smart to the kids of today?

Does using famous people to advertise stuff work on the young people of today?

Do young people feel that they might be on their phones too much?

What does it mean when something is "lit"?

What does "keeping it 100" mean?

What is a "hundo p"?

What two words does the word "trill" combine?

What do the letters "p" and "v" stand for in youth slang?

What are youth referring to when they call someone a "goat"?

What does "TD" mean?

What is "sus" a shortened version of?

What are young people referring to when they call someone "woke?"

Who are young people referring to when they call someone "mom?"

Who is a young person's "fam?"

What does it mean if you are a "stan" to someone?

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About This Quiz

Let's find how just how woke and hundo p you really are. If you are already starting to get lost, things might not be looking good for you on this quiz.

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