Quiz: Are You More Beyonce or Taylor Swift?
Are You More Beyonce or Taylor Swift?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: YouTUbe

About This Quiz

When you think about celebrities, especially the female performers, some of the first people who come to mind are Beyonce Knowles and Taylor Swift. They both have had numerous number one hits, many awards under their belts, collaborations and endorsements by some of the world's most successful companies as well as having traveled the world selling out arenas and stadiums.

The two singers have many things in common, some of which include, starting their careers at very young ages, crossing over from their original genres (Taylor from county and Beyonce from R&B) into pop music, having a net worth exceeding $275 million and having a genuine dislike for the Kardashians.  

Despite their similarities, they are very different both aesthetically and their personalities. They also produce different types of music and are at different points in their lives. Both in their careers and personal lives.

Which of the two divas are you most like? Are you more like the sweet and friendly Taylor Swift or are you more like the sassy and sexy Beyonce Knowles or would you be a third option, a mix between the two? The only way to find out which one you're more like is to take this quiz!

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