Are You More Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon?

Khadija Leon

How often did you watch cartoons?

What time of day did you watch cartoons?

Who did you watch cartoon with?

Which of these genres do your favorite shows fall into?

Which decade of cartoons was your favorite?

Which of these shows was your favorite series?

Did you prefer animated or live-action series?

How would you describe your favorite character?

What kind of kid were you?

What color pajamas did you own as a child?

How old were you when you stopped watching cartoons?

Which of these game shows would you have been a contestant on?

Which of these modern-day cartoons would you watch?

Which of these tween's shows did you watch?

Which fictional character would you be friends with?

Which of these characters would you call if you needed help?

Which of these live shows would you have liked to star in?

Which of these characters did you have a crush on?

Who was your favorite TV series couple?

Which friend group reminds you of your own?

Which of these characters would you dress up as for Halloween?

Which of these iconic cartoon phrases did you use when you were younger?

Which of these shows do you wish would be adapted into a movie?

Which of these other television channels did you watch?

Which of these people do you like most?

What was your favorite book series?

What flavor ice cream was your favorite?

Which city would you like to move to?

How do you spend your Saturday nights?

Which of these snacks did you get in your lunchbox?

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About This Quiz

Cartoon Network (1992) and Nickelodeon (1977) are American basic cable and satellite television networks that were and still are known for broadcasting children's animated and live action comedy shows. They both focused on developing shows that would be suitable for ages ranging from as young as 2 to as old as 17.

 In the 1990's, the popularity of both companies increased as they aired some of their most successful shows, many of which are still popular today. Some examples include "Tom and Jerry," "Dexter's Laboratory," "Johnny Bravo," "Courage the Cowardly Dog" and "The Powerpuff Girls" from Cartoon Network. Nickelodeon produced shows like "SpongeBob Squarepants," "Doug," "The Ren & Stimpy Show," and "Hey Arnold." 

Today, both networks have included live action shows to their line-ups, and while many people enjoy it, their cartoons are still the most watched and marketed shows. 

When it comes to the type of cartoons that you watch, are you more of a Cartoon Network person or are you leaning more towards Nickelodeon? Or are you something completely different such as Disney, PBS Kids, Kids WB!, Discovery Kids, or Adult Swim? If you would like to find out, then you should take this cool quiz!

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