Are You More Coast Guard or Navy?

Zoe Samuel

What do you see as the number one issue facing the United States?

What kind of private sector job would you like if you were not in the service?

Which of these archaic ships appeals to you the most?

Which sensory input comes to mind when you think of going to sea?

How do you feel about trying strange foreign foods?

If you could own a pleasure boat, what kind would it be?

How facile are you with learning languages?

If you speak a second language, or would want to learn one, which is it, or which would it be?

What would you name a ship, if given the opportunity?

What do you think is cool about commandos?

What kind of aircraft would you most want to fly?

How do you feel about the prospect of being targeted with long-range missiles?

Which of these civilian government jobs sounds up your street?

Do you mind if you spend all your time on a really huge ship where you have little "contact" with the sea?

How long can you be away from home before homesickness kicks in?

How important is it that you're usually surrounded by English speakers?

Have you already served in a branch of the military?

How long do you plan on staying in your current career?

In what non-combat task do your skills lie?

How long have you wanted to serve your country?

How do you look in Navy blue?

How important to you are missions to help people who have suffered some sort of disaster?

How eager are you to be on the front lines of a war?

What would you enjoy about being a Navy SEAL?

What kind of technology would you most want to master while in the service?

To which sort of corporate role are you best suited?

How do you express your patriotism?

When you see West Point play Annapolis in football, on whom do you put your money?

If you were in the military, to what rank would you aspire?

Which sailor do you look up to the most?

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About This Quiz

The US Navy was founded on Oct. 13, 1775, a full year before the publication of the Declaration of Independence. The US Coast Guard was founded Aug. 4, 1790, several years after America won its independence, as the US Revenue Cutter Service, which was an arm of the tax man under Alexander Hamilton. Which is older? It depends on who you ask. The Navy is "older," but the Coast Guard has been in continuous operation longer than the Navy.

The duties of the Navy and the duties of the Coast Guard are similar but different in key ways. The Coast Guard grew out of a need to police trade, whereas the Navy got its start as a weapon of war. The Navy travels all over the world, both on military missions and humanitarian ones. The Coast Guard deals with certain domestic duties that the Navy does not. Most markedly, the Coast Guard remains in the US and its territorial waters for mission specific reasons, meaning Coast Guardsmen can expect to live someplace where people speak English, whereas a sailor in the Navy can expect to spend time living in places like South Korea, Japan or non-English-speaking nations in Europe.

Are you ready to be "a global force for good" or are you more suited to protecting the home front? Take this quiz and find out!

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