Quiz: Are You More Han Solo Or Luke Skywalker?
Are You More Han Solo Or Luke Skywalker?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Lucasfilm

About This Quiz

Luke Skywalker and Han Solo are about as different as two heroes can be. Luke Skywalker is essentially an inexperienced farm boy with no personal knowledge of the world or himself. The other is older, hardened by experience, familiar with the strange outside world, dangerous, and accompanied by a comrade who will vouch for his character.

The two men are very different, and over the course of the "Star Wars" films, both men mature and change, becoming more similar in some ways, and more different in others. Han and Luke occupy various roles throughout the story. Han often wears the mask of The Shapeshifter, his loyalties always being called into question, and his morality flexible. Luke is the naive hero who learns about himself and the outside world at the same time.

Looking back on your life so far, where did you begin? Who were you for the first chapter of your adult life, and who did you become, and why? Where do you want to go in old age, and where are you likely to turn up? These questions were unanswerable existential questions for Han and Luke until recently, but now we have the data set to ask you a series of carefully chosen questions that will tell us, definitively, whether you are more Han Solo or Luke Skywalker.

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