Are You More Jedi or Sith?

Steven Miller

How clear are the whites of your eyes?

How much do you crave power?

How much of your clothing is black?

How drawn to the color red are you?

How appealing would it be to add the term "Darth" to your name?

How selfish are you?

How paranoid are you?

How pale are you?

Are you more likely to see the good or bad in people?

How likely to speak like this you are?

How aware of your own darkness are you?

How in touch with your own feelings are you?

What color is your lightsaber?

How strong is your intuition?

How are you most likely to use a Jedi mind trick?

Do you think people are basically good or evil?

What is your biggest weakness?

How invincible are you?

How likely are you to be shrouded under a disguise or hood?

How likely are you to control someone's mind to harm them?

How far along in your training are you?

Are you more of a defender or attacker?

What are your feelings about Jar Jar Binks?

How much do you like Darth Vader's theme song?

How likely is a dodgy situation to be a trap?

Which original "Star Wars" trilogy movie is your favorite?

Which Yoda quote do you relate to the most?

How much do you crave adventure and excitement?

How much do you struggle with anger?

Do, do not, or try?

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Image: Collage; Jedi, Sith, Padawan

About This Quiz

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...there was a quiz put together by the Jedi Council to determine if someone was a Jedi or a Sith. We have found it.

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