Are You More Like the Apostle Paul or Peter?

Tasha Moore

Have others been supportive or skeptical of lifestyle changes you've made for the sake of your beliefs?

Do you conduct church business like an entrepreneur or like a consumer?

Are you someone who holds high expectations for others when it comes to discipleship?

Does the word "combative" describe your Christian leadership style?

Do you possess a tolerance for those whom you perceive as weak followers of the faith?

What is your level of diplomacy? Are you a "people" person among fellow church members?

How would you describe your religious upbringing?

If distractions come your way while you are engaged in an assignment, are you easily sidetracked?

Are you the "fearless warrior" type when it comes to taking on new tasks in the name of your faith, or are you easily shaken?

Are you a mouthpiece for leadership or do you speak up mostly for the people?

When new members join your church, can you tell if they'll stick around or quickly bail?

Have you ever uttered an idea when among other church members without first thinking it through?

Have church leaders ever noticed something "special" in you?

Do people call you one name when you're in church and a different name outside church?

Before you took on the faith, what was your life like?

When you first started out as a Christian, did you volunteer to do any heavy lifting around the church when it was needed?

How would you describe your Christian "conversion moment"?

Have you ever written anything scholarly and religious?

If the going gets tough, do you need to be vocal with others about your level of discomfort?

Is your church family your only "family"?

Do you remain joyful even through trials and tribulations?

If your church maintains a hierarchy, do you seek to climb as high as you possibly can?

Have you ever been punished for your beliefs?

When you were called to the faith, was it more a spiritual than physical calling?

Many Christians testify to experiencing amazing miracles. What was the first miracle that you experienced?

Do other people ask you where they can find help, or are you the direct source for the help they need?

Understanding scripture can be confusing at times. Are you a fast learner?

Are you part of your church's inner circle?

Would fellow church members say that your name is synonymous with humility?

Do you possess a tried-and-true technique for discerning God's unique message for you?

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Image: Wiki Commons by El Greco

About This Quiz

Both the apostles Paul and Peter are important figures in Christianity. Here's your chance to find out which one of these charismatic faithful followers of Jesus you are most like. Take this Bible quiz to gauge your level of Paul or Peter personality. All that's required is your honesty, even if it's the brutal sort. 

We all know Apostle Paul from his miraculous conversion moment when his name was changed from Saul to Paul on his way to Damascus. Just as he was in the act of persecuting early followers of Jesus, Saul was literally blinded by the light. So many Christians have been converted in the midst of adversity. Or perhaps you are more like Paul, whom Jesus went as far as describing as "the rock" on which he would build his church. No pressure, right? Some of you perform Christian service best when under pressure. Do you know what happens when you apply extreme pressure to coal rocks? They turn to diamonds! So pressure suits you if you are most like Peter.

The New Testament describes the faith journeys of both Paul and Peter in vivid detail. At the start, Paul was a staunch religious zealot poised to destroy any trace of Christianity. Peter used to be quite vain when he first dropped his fishing net to follow Jesus. In essence, we are all like these two great pillars of the faith; we all come from humble spiritual beginnings.

Now it's time for you to begin this quiz to see which leader of the faith you are most like. Go on and confirm your suspicions!

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