Are You More New Zealand or Australia When It Comes to Your Taste in Food?

Mark Lichtenstein

Who invented the pavlova?

Should you steam pudding?

Where does the best beer come from?

Do you ever have to worry about whether food is sacred or not?

Is it cookie time?

Will you be serving lamingtons for dinner?

What does Friday mean?

What are your feelings on Afghans?

What does Marmite belong on?

Marmite or Vegemite?

What is a tuatua?

What do you call it when you dig a grave for your food?

What do you need to make fairy bread?

You've failed at fishing. What do you do?

What dip is original?

What kind of fish is best?

Do you have anything to fear of witchetty grubs?

What's the best use for an emu?

In what circumstances would you eat pea and ham soup?

What food should come in yesterday's newspaper?

What is vovo?

TimTams are what?

What was the Salvation Army's biggest contribution to the world?

Crocodile meat is what?

Cheese goes best with what?

What does a crab stick contain?

What goes best on a burger?

What is the best chocolate?

What beer do you drink with breakfast?

What wine are you going to have with your cheap fish and chips?

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About This Quiz

If popular culture is to be believed, everyone from New Zealand has a thing for their sheep (that is to be made fun of) and every Australian is as dumb as a post (also meant to be made fun of). Of course, it's more complicated than that, and no area better shows off the differences between these two island nations more than their food preferences.

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