Are You More of an Angel or a Devil?

Zoe Samuel

What condiment belongs on French fries?

When do you take off your backpack on public transport?

What do you think of people who stop on a staircase to check something on their phone?

At a drive through, when do you decide what to order?

When is it acceptable to write texts or emails in all caps?

What do you usually do when a magician performs for you?

What kind of snacks do you bring into movie theaters?

For whom do you vacate your seat on public transport?

How do you usually park in public parking lots?

When do you usually call your peripheral friends?

When a friend flies to visit you for a holiday, what kind of gift do you give them?

Assuming you're OK with eating steak, how do you like your steak cooked?

When a government policy hurts vulnerable people, what do you consciously think about it?

How do you arrange the toilet paper in your bathroom?

When pouring drinks for a small group of people, who do you pour for first?

How often do you take the last chip in a communal bowl of chips?

Who do you think was the coolest character in the "Star Wars" mythos?

What flavor of yogurt do you like the most?

Which of these sitcoms do you like better?

Pretending you don't have a horse in the race, for which MLB team would you cheer?

Where is the line as to when it is appropriate to talk in a movie theater?

How does your phone signal you that you have a phone call?

What precautions do you take when cooking food with a controversial smell, like curry or fish?

How often do you take credit for the ideas of other people in your workplace?

How do you check for consent before getting closer to another person than the normal speaking distance?

How many times in your life have you volunteered for a charity?

Have you ever walked out of a store with an item without paying for it?

How do you react when you spot someone lying motionless on the ground, in the street?

Back when you rented movies from Blockbuster, how often did you rewind?

How differently do you treat bathrooms you don't have to clean from the one or ones you do?

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About This Quiz

The official bibles of Christianity, Islam and Judaism don't get too specific about the origins of angels and demons, or devils as they are commonly called. The apocryphal tales fill in the details, some saying that God created these spirits to aid in the creation of the world. Other stories posit angels as the first draft of humanity. Still, others give a host of origins, some specific to individual orders of angels. Medieval philosophers and some mystics thought of the angels as extensions of God, like fingers, whether they meant it literally or as a philosophical idea relevant only to the biblical text.

In our lives, we are faced with moral decisions where we stake out who we really are. We are faced with opportunities to be good, kind, brilliant humans. Likewise, we are often given a chance to behave in ways that are variously selfish, cruel, and shameful. Our choices define us, and when we speak of wrestling with our demons, are we speaking of a literal match with an otherworldly creature, or are we speaking in symbols about how we fight our darkest selves and try to resolve to be better? Wrestle with your demons, and we'll tell you if you're more of an angel or more of a devil!

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