Are You More Son Goku, Son Gohan or Son Goten?

Gavin Thagard

Appetites can run big in "Dragon Ball Z," so how large is yours?

When you're not preparing for your next big fight, what are you doing instead?

How much time do you spend with your family?

If you got a break from saving the world, what would you watch on television?

Do you know what makes a good rival in your life?

Describe how much freedom you had as a child?

Not every adventure in "Dragon Ball Z" happens on earth. Are you as well traveled as some of the characters?

Which type of injury are you more likely to suffer?

Do you look anything like your parents?

To be a Z Fighter, you have to know martial arts. What's your favorite style?

Would you consider yourself a good driver?

Can you identify your primary focus if you were one of the Z Fighters?

Which attribute do you value most as a Saiyan warrior?

Weapons can sometimes be valuable in a fight. Do you have a weapon of choice?

Are you willing to let an enemy power up to test your own strength?

Every fighter has something that fuels their abilities. What fuels yours?

At what point in a person's life would you consider them in their prime?

If your body's battered and you're recovering in the hospital, what are you probably reading?

How would you most likely react to a prank someone plays on you?

Training is more important than relationships in "Dragon Ball Z," but relationships do happen. Why would you start one?

The Saiyans are known for their interesting hairstyles. Which way do you prefer to wear your hair?

When you have a week off, what do you tend to do?

It's hard for the Z Fighters to find balance in life. Are you able to balance work and your personal life?

Where are you most likely to go on a first date?

Even the toughest warriors need friends, so what do you look for in a friendship?

Which of these activities would you pick up in your spare time?

When the earth is safe and you're having a casual day out, what are you most likely wearing?

Even a warrior needs a place to rest, so where would you purchase a house?

If all the following options were possible, which place would you prefer to visit?

Do you like to be recognized for your achievements?

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Image: Fuji TV, Cartoon Network

About This Quiz

If you were a "Dragon Ball Z" fan growing up, you probably wish you could have been born into Son Goku's family lineage. Who doesn't want to be one of the most powerful Saiyans in the universe, after all? Even if you can't be a ki wielding warrior, find out if you are more like Son Goku or one of his sons with this personality quiz. 

When Goku first arrived on earth, he had been sent to destroy the planet, not save it. However, after he fell down a ravine and banged his head, Goku turned into the fun-loving hero that the earth always needed. Since then, he's traveled across the universe, making friends everywhere he goes while also starting a family of his own. Now with two powerful Saiyan children, Son Gohan and Son Goten, Goku continues his journey, taking on challengers who can push the limits of his power. 

Growing up watching the adventures of "Dragon Ball Z," did you always wonder which Saiyan warrior you'd be most like: Goku, Gohan or Goten? Though similar in many ways, these Z Fighters all have qualities that make them unique in their own right. Here's your chance to see which of those qualities you carry. 

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