Quiz: Are You More Starship Enterprise or Imperial Star Destroyer?
Are You More Starship Enterprise or Imperial Star Destroyer?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Star Trek and Star Wars depict two very different worlds. One takes place in the distant future, and the other takes place in the distant past. Both are about the best and the worst aspects of intelligent life, but the two differ greatly in their dominant societies.

The galaxy of Star Wars is one dominated by a totalitarian dictatorship, essentially run by an evil wizard. The heroes of Star Wars exert their individuality against the suffocating conformity of the Imperial Navy. In Star Trek, the Federation is a peaceful, Utopian society made up of several of the dominant races from around the universe. The heroes of Star Trek face alien enemies whose cultures mirror those of human civilizations past and present, and threats from within the federation usually in the form of traitorous humans who yearn for war.

The ships most emblematic of these two societies are the Enterprise, a ship purpose-built for exploration and learning, and the Imperial Star Destroyer, a massive warship that looks like a slice of pizza.

Do you adhere to a vow not to interfere in the affairs of alien civilizations? Do you ruthlessly serve the raw power of the Dark Side of The Force, doing anything to spread the reach of the authority you serve? Which ship are you?

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