Are You Ready for Your First Boyfriend?

Emily Maggrett

When someone asks you a favor, do you feel comfortable saying no?

How do you feel when you fail a test?

You've been chatting with someone cute on Instagram. After a few weeks, he reveals that he's actually much older than you. Would you keep chatting with him?

If your first boyfriend told you to shoplift a watch for him, would you do it?

How confident are you? Could you lead a school assembly if the principal asked you to?

Do you think that people who have boyfriends are better than people who don't have boyfriends?

How much do you like boys?

Do you think that having a boyfriend would change you?

Who's your favorite "Star Wars" bae?

What kind of guys do you like?

Do your friends think you're ready for a boyfriend?

Are you competitive?

Imagine that a new friend comes over and starts making fun of your little brother for his lisp. What do you do?

Do you like hanging out by yourself?

Do you feel like your friends really listen to you?

When someone gives you a compliment, how often do you think about it afterwards?

How many secrets do you have, and do you share them with anyone?

When you see your crush, what do you do?

Would you ever pretend to like something boring AF, just because your crush liked it?

Does it embarrass you to show other people your emotions?

Your friend begs you to set them up with your (hypothetical) first boyfriend's best friend. You don't think the best friend likes your friend. Do you try to make the set-up happen anyway?

Imagine that your parents want to meet your crush before you go out with him, but he doesn't want to because he says he's "intimidated." What do you do?

Your crush asks you if he can copy your homework. What do you say?

If you stopped liking your first boyfriend, would you feel comfortable breaking up with him?

What would you do if your first boyfriend ghosted you?

Let's say you accidentally cried in front of the entire school. Would you go to school the next day?

Have you ever been on a date?

Be honest: do your parents know everything about you?

What's your favorite Ariana bop?

Are you the leader of your friend group?

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About This Quiz

Are you ready for your first boyfriend or do your dating skills need work? No shade if they do ... even Margot Robbie was undateable when she was 11. You'll be ready for a relationship eventually, but is "eventually" actually RIGHT NOW? Your parents might say no, but this quiz will tell you the truth. So if you're wondering whether you should make a move on that special someone, do yourself a favor and get into this quiz!

Please note, being "ready" for your first boyfriend has nothing to do with how you look or what age you are. It's all about how you act: your self-confidence, your boundaries and whether you can handle the vulnerability that can come from putting yourself out there. Not every person who's dating already is emotionally mature enough to be doing so, even adults who are old AF. So whatever your outcome is, don't stress about it — own it!

We're going to ask you about the kind of guys you like, what you want out of a boyfriend and whether you're happy with how your friendships are going. In return for your honest answers, we'll let you know whether you're dead ready or need to dip on that upcoming date. Ready for some piping hot tea? Dive into this quiz!

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