Are You Ready for Your First Relationship?

Tasha Moore

Are you a speed dater?

How many online dating sites are you registered with?

This week how many times have you swiped right?

Are you starving for hugs?

When boarding the public bus, what do you call the bus driver?

What do you order at the coffee shop?

How many love notes have you read in your life?

Have you ever purchased an engagement ring?

How many of your friends are in relationships?

Do you recall what you did right before entering the last bar you visited?

How many times have you watched your favorite T.V. show this month?

Where does your cat sleep?

Do you ever double-date?

Do you remember something clever you shared with a blind date?

What's your idea of the perfect date?

Can you name the best place to cruise for dates?

What is your motivation for working out?

How has "Netflix and chill" been looking for you these days?

Are you able to describe the last person you video-chatted with?

When was the last time you had a deep conversation?

Can you complete this sentence: "The last argument I had with my lover was about ________"?

Can you tell us your favorite song?

What's a typical Friday night like?

How many people do you usually travel with when on vacation?

If you had a choice between going to an exclusive party or getting boo'd up, which do you choose?

You're cooking at home and shout: "Babe, my hands are full, can you grab the garlic for me?" What does babe give you?

You just found out you're getting catfished online. What do you do?

Your first words in the morning when you wake up from sleep are: "Come on. It's time to get up honey." What loving response do you hear?

If you desire the touch of a human, what do you do?

What was the last place that you visited alone?

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About This Quiz

Roses are red and violets may be blue; a relationship is a real possibility, are you ready for your first true boo? Don't let that thought fester another moment longer. We'll get it all sorted out so you'll know whether to retire your player card or stock up on loads of Binaca mouth spray.

Cuffing season is upon us and folks are starting to get that relationship itch again. But hold off on coupling until after you've taken this helpful quiz. Not everyone is destined to switch into relationship mode, but the effects can be sweet for those who've been ready. Our test sheds light on why.

If you cry before heading off to the bar or the club, you're probably ready for your first relationship. Proposing to the bartender is proof positive that you are definitely ready to get with someone fast. When your idea of speed-dating is partaking in a marathon of hook-up sessions, then you're probably better off leaving your first relationship in the distant future.

The first relationship sets the tone for how you move (or get moved on) thereafter, so please practice caution when seeking out that special someone. You'd be wise to take this romance challenge to determine which team you should join. The relationship team is for serious players, and the hook-up team is for players who love to play. Batter up for some relationship game after a scroll!

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