Are You Ruled by Your Ego or Your Soul?

Olivia Cantor

What would you do if a rushing stranger accidentally bumps into you while walking down a busy sidewalk?

If you were one of those cinematic Avengers, who would you be?

What would you do if you find yourself in a long line at the supermarket?

Do you take long walks alone?

How do you have your breakfast every morning?

If the elevator is not working in a building where you need to go for a meeting, what will you do?

If the server brings you the wrong order in a restaurant, how will you react?

When you're driving and someone ahead of you commits a driving error, what will you do?

Do you like taking vacations with your friends?

Do you attend family reunions?

If your boss gave you a raise or promotion, how would you react?

What is an ideal date scenario for you?

If you find someone sitting in your plane seat when you get there, what will you do?

When you discover that the dry cleaners gave you the wrong clothes, what will you do?

When a guest enters your office and mistakes you as the receptionist (but you're not), how will you react?

How do you usually behave during rush hour at the subway or in any public transportation station?

How do you eat your ice cream served in a cone?

What kind of movies do you watch?

When you see people posting their "sweet couple things" on Facebook, how do you react?

Do you have friends in your workplace?

When someone comes up to you and mistakes you for someone else, how will you react?

When tourists request you to take a picture of them in front of something, what will you do?

Do you keep in touch with your high school friends?

If you find yourself in a medical emergency in a very public place, what will you do first?

When your boss requires you to attend a company outing, event, or team building exercise, what will you say?

When someone tries to talk over you while you're still explaining something, how will you react?

When you and someone else spot some money on the floor in a public place, what will you do?

When you're in a line about to be served, then someone cuts in to overtake you, what will you do?

When you drive by someone whose rather old car stalled on the side of the road, what will you do?

When you want to get ahead in life, especially in your career, what should you do?

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About This Quiz

Some people let their head rule their life. Then, there are those people who let their heart take over their being. And these two different aspects will tell you if your ego or your soul is ruling you. Which are you?

Those who tend to rule with their heads also tend to fall into the trap of being egotistical. Of course, this is the level-headed one, the person who always thinks of a strategy for doing things, someone who might also be a tad competitive. These things, when displayed in small doses, are still okay, in a way. But someone becomes egotistical once these things get amped up, which pumps up the ego in huge proportions sometimes. And when there's no heart in here, there's also no soul here - just a very overthinking brain that inadvertently pumps up the ego way too much sometimes.

The opposite is the rather emotional kind. This doesn't translate to being soft, of course. In fact, showing some act of kindness towards others is a good sign that the heart is controlling the person the right way - because the soul is in charge. Empathy, a desire to help, and being generally friendly are characteristics that show a person's soul is in the right place, as is their heart.

So, do you want to know in which one of these opposites do you belong? Then take this probing personality quiz and find out!

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