Quiz: Are You Ruled By Emotions or Logic?
Are You Ruled By Emotions or Logic?
By: Brian Whitney

About This Quiz

You really want to take this quiz, but should you? Although it's hard not to think about how you think when you're being asked about how you think, try not to think much when you answer our questions. Your gut instinct will allow you to choose the right answer, but you have to try not to overthink! While a more logical person might understand what we're saying, we know that a few of your emotional thinkers are freaking out right about now! 

Don't get yourself worked up! This quiz will ask you questions you will probably find both easy and thought-provoking. We might ask you to examine some of the behaviors you were unaware you were exhibiting. Then again, we might ask you to simply tell us about the things you enjoy most in life so we can decide if you are ruled by logic or by the almighty emotions. 

Take a deep breath, and clear your mind as much as possible. Proceed with an open heart and a truthful, clicking finger, and we'll reveal the side of your that rules your entire life. Once you are armed with the knowledge, you'll know better how to approach the next of life's problems!

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