Are You a Scrooge or a Santa?

Kennita Leon

How excited are you for the holidays?

Have you started shopping yet?

What's your holiday budget?

How many people will you be shopping for?

Will you be getting anything for yourself?

When do you plan on decorating?

How big is your tree going to be?

What's your favorite Christmas decoration?

Who do you usually spend the day with?

What do you guys normally do on Christmas?

Which of these Christmas foods can you not wait to eat?

Which is the best holiday dessert?

What do you drink during the holidays?

What are you hoping to get this year?

What's your favorite thing about Christmas?

Do you send Christmas cards?

How many people call you for the holidays?

Are you into building snowmen?

How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa?

Have you ever seen a ghost?

Which of these moods are you usually in?

Do you prefer being around people or animals?

Are you a talkative person?

Do you think your personality is attractive?

Would you call yourself a lucky person?

Do you give to the needy?

Are you more optimistic or pessimistic?

Are you happy with where your life is heading?

How often do you hear "I love you"?

How many people do you say "I love you" to?

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Image: Ariel Skelley/Digital Vision/Getty Images

About This Quiz

If there's one thing we know about the holiday season, it's that Christmas movies frequent the TV. And even with all the variety that we have, no two characters appear more commonly than Santa Claus and Ebenezer Scrooge. These two old men are our Christmas giants, but for totally different reasons: one is a happy man who spends the entire year preparing to make others feel good on this special day, while the other... well, let's just say he does the opposite. And today, we want to find out which of these two you are. 

So, we'll ask you all about your holiday plans. Tell us what you usually do and if you're planning to do anything different this year. We'll also want to know about that personality of yours and how others perceive you. By the end of our questioning, we know we'll have the answer that will reveal whether you're a Christmas grump or the opposite. 

So, if you want to find out which one you are, grab some hot chocolate and buckle down in front of this quiz. Will you be buying gifts in the name of happiness, or buying them for yourself because no one else will?

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