Are You Secretly a Prodigy?

Talin Vartanian

When it comes to your favorite hobby, how many hours per week do you spend practicing it?

Are you the type of person who sacrifices sleep to spend more time practicing your favorite hobbies?

Everyone makes mistakes in life, but are you the type of person who views such mistakes as a good or bad lesson?

If you had the day off tomorrow, would you spend it by hanging out with some friends or studying a particular school subject?

Some people are fluent in more than one language. How many languages are you fluent in?

Many people have a favorite type of school subject. Which of these subjects are you an expert in?

The ratio of logic and creativity can vary depending on the person. What % logical versus creative are you?

Playing musical instruments is a great way to make new friends and train your brain! How many instruments can you play?

Let's take a walk down history lane for a moment. Which of the following intelligent historical figures do you aspire to be like?

Mensa is an organization that includes members with a very high IQ. Could you easily pass the difficult Mensa test?

Your high level of intelligence may have an effect on your social skills. Would you describe yourself as being outgoing or shy around people?

Do you like to memorize math formulas for fun or does this sound like a boring way to spend your time?

Are you the type of person who aspires to work for an intelligent boss or become the brilliant boss that other people have to work for?

If someone handed you a standard Rubik's Cube, would you be able to solve it in under two minutes?

If you're too smart for school, you might have skipped a grade level or two. Has this ever happened to you?

School can be boring for some people, but were you bored in school because it was too easy?

The subject of philosophy can be a great way to stretch your mind! Which of these philosophy classes would you want to take?

Let's say you've got a big project that's due in three days. Are you going to procrastinate until the last minute or start working on it now?

Think about your energy levels for a moment. Are you more energetic like a dog or more relaxed like a cat?

Some problems are best solved when multiple people are working on it together. Do you prefer to solve a problem by yourself or with other people?

Reading books is a great way to learn about the world. How many books do you tend to read per month?

If you were going to watch a movie to unwind for the day, would you rather watch a historical documentary or a comedy?

Are you the type of person who is skilled at negotiating with others to acquire something in life?

Intelligence can be divided into book smarts and street smarts. Where do you fall between these two categories?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how high is your level of emotional intelligence?

Let's say that you had 12 hours of free time to read a book. How many hours could you spend focused on reading in one sitting?

Everyone has a certain type of memory that makes them unique. Which of these types of memories resonates with you the most?

Human beings naturally feel hungry for food to survive, but does your hunger also include a curiosity for knowledge?

Do you tend to learn better during the early morning, afternoon or late night hours of the day?

Would your friends and family describe you as a quick learner or do you need some time and practice before becoming good at something?

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About This Quiz

If you've always wondered whether or not you're actually a genius, now's your chance to find out! We're on a mission to explore some of your hobbies and ways of thinking to determine how much of a prodigy you really are!

Before you take this personality quiz, it's important to establish what a prodigy is. This word is synonymous with "genius," which basically means that a person is very skilled at a particular subject. Some prodigies are also experts with multiple types of subjects, such as computer programming and drawing, but this is quite rare to achieve. While many prodigies are born with higher levels of intelligence, many other people become prodigies later on in life. 

One important note to remember is that anyone can become a genius if they take enough time to practice mastering their craft. In other words, many people tend to become lazy or give up when it comes to consistently studying a particular subject, but not prodigies. In fact, these types of people want nothing more than to become the very best in the world and they will typically stop at nothing to get to where they need to be in life. If this sounds like you, it's time to take our intellectual quiz now! 

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