Quiz: Are You Smart Enough To Beat This Synonyms Challenge?
Are You Smart Enough To Beat This Synonyms Challenge?
By: Isadora Teich
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The English language is tricky, with more exceptions than rules and more words than many other world languages. Put your synonym knowledge to the test with this HowStuffWorks quiz!

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Towering is a synonym for which word?

Towering, big, large, colossal, giant and leggy all can be used to describe a tall person. A person who is both tall and thin can be described as lanky.

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__________ is a synonym for sick.

Ill is a common synonym for sick. The words unwell and ailing also used to be common.

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Which of these is a synonym for anger?

Ire is a synonym for anger.Both are nouns.

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Which of these is a synonym for blue?

Azure is a synonym for blue. Indigo, cyan and cobalt are other words which refer to shades of blue.

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If someone is cruel they are also:

Someone who is cruel or vicious harms other people without remorse. They could also be described as barbaric or sadistic.

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If someone is gorgeous, they are also:

Gorgeous is an adjective. Synonyms include striking, good-looking and statuesque.

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_______ is a synonym for red.

The color red has many synonyms. These include scarlet and carmine also.

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Abode is a synonym of:

Dwelling, residence, home and domicile are all synonyms of abode. It can also be referred to as lodgings, pad or nest.

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Which of these is a synonym for the forest?

A forest is often filled with trees suitable for timber, which is where the word "timberland" comes from. Other synonyms include woodland, woods, and taiga.

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If someone is gauche, they are:

Someone who is gauche is socially awkward or unsophisticated. It comes from the French word meaning "left."

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________ is a synonym for dangerous.

Dangerous is an adjective describing something which may cause problems or harm. Perilous, treacherous and risky are synonyms.

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Something that is new is also:

Something that is new either did not exist before or was discovered for the first time. Novel can be used as an adjective to describe something new and unusual.

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Deranged is a synonym of:

Someone who is crazy may also be described as deranged, demented or insane. Informally, they may be called batty, nutty, bananas or bonkers.

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Which of these is a synonym for thin?

Scrawny, angular, bony, rawboned, slender and lanky are all synonyms for thin. If someone is so thin they look sickly, they might be called emaciated or gaunt.

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If something is amazing it is also _______________.

Astounding, breathtaking, stunning, remarkable and incredible are all synonyms for spectacular. The word mind-blowing is also used informally.

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Blithe is a synonym for:

Someone who is blithe is happy, delighted or joyous. Informally, you might say someone is over the moon or tickled pink.

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Someone who is senescent is:

Senescent is a synonym for old. Others are elderly, aged, senile and hoary.

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If a person is vacuous they are also:

Vacuous is a synonym for stupid. Others include dense, foolish and imbecilic.

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Callow is a synonym for _________.

Someone who is immature has the emotional and/or intellectual capacity of someone a lot younger than their age. Jejune, sophomoric, naive and infantile are other synonyms.

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Which of these is a synonym for wife?

Over the years, men have referred to their wives in many ways. These include the more modern partner, and the more dated missus and ball and chain.

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Victory is a synonym of __________.

One achieves victory by defeating an opponent. Other synonyms include win, success, coup and mastery.

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If someone is moving briskly, how are they moving?

Briskly is an adverb. Synonyms include quickly, swiftly and hastily.

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Feline is a synonym for:

Cats are also known as kitties and mousers. Grimalkin is an archaic English word for cat that is rarely used anymore.

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The ocean can also be referred to as the:

The ocean stars in many great works of literature. In them, it is not uncommon for the ocean to be referred to in these ways.

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If a woman is gravid she is:

Parturient and gravid are technical terms for pregnancy. More commonly, people say that a woman is expecting.

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Someone who is astray is ________.

Astray, adrift and off course are all synonyms for lost. Less commonly, at sea is also used.

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If two objects are adjacent to each other they are ___________ each other.

Adjacent describes two entities which are close to, nearby or in the vicinity of each other. Informally, someone might say these things are within spitting distance of each other.

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The slight of hand tricks and illusions performed by magicians can be referred to as legerdemain. It can also refer to any general deception.

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Bewitch, inveigle, ensnare and tempt are all synonyms for cajole. %0DTo cajole someone specifically means to persuade them to do something through flattery or other means.

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Which of these is a synonym for short?

Petite, diminutive, little and small are all synonyms for short. Short can also describe fleeting moments of time, in which case words like temporary or short-lived can be used.

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Melancholy is a synonym for which word?

Mournful, heartbroken, crestfallen, melancholic and doleful are all synonyms for sadness of varying degrees. Melancholy specifically describes a thoughtful sadness that has no apparent cause.

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Pandemonium is a synonym of_______.

Disorder, mayhem, maelstrom, upheaval and tumult are all synonyms of chaos. In physics, chaos also refers to the formless matter which existed before the universe was created.

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Which of these is a synonym of tranquility?

Calm, restfulness and tranquility are all synonyms of peace. They refer to a quiet freedom from disturbance.

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Warfare is a synonym of:

War refers to armed conflict between opposing groups. Skirmish, campaign and hostilities are other synonyms which may be used.

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Which of these is a synonym of lust?

Ardor, desire and passion are all synonyms for lust. Ardor comes from the Latin ardere, which means "to burn."

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